Bite-Size Fun For Everyone

Get the fun of GWD every day with our new mobile game, Thrice

Published December 4, 2023

A Geeks Who Drink trivia night is a great time for everyone – no, really, we promise – but it’s always been limited by the fact that it’s… well, just one trivia night. How can you keep that fun going the rest of the week?

Enter Thrice, our new bite-size daily digital trivia game. 

Introducing Thrice

The concept is simple: Every day we’ll give you five trivia questions in five categories, each with three clues that will take you on a different route to the answer. Get it on the first clue, and you get three points; get it on the second clue, and you get two points (you can probably guess the rest). That means the highest possible score is 15 – and of course we have a Share button so you can challenge all your friends after you’ve challenged yourself.

The game officially lives under the roof of our Questionist brand, as yet another example that good trivia is for everyone (and for any occasion). In the tradition of your Wordles and Spelling Bees, it’s designed to be playable in just a few minutes – or else you can ponder that last tricky clue for a while and revisit throughout the day. However you play, the game is always there to make you feel smarter – and hopefully teach you something too.

Thrice runs right in your browser, so there’s nothing to download. That means you can try it right now at – and do tell your friends!

5 thoughts on “Bite-Size Fun For Everyone

  1. Donna bosink says:

    Are previous thrice games available to view? Or once it’s gone it’s gone?

    1. Diana Tenery says:

      Great question! We have some new features coming soon that will answer this question. Keep playing and stay tuned. 😉

  2. LA says:

    Agree with Donna’s question – would love to be able to play previous Thrices! Sometimes I’ll compete with a friend but will play late at night and it’ll already have changed to the next day’s Thrice, so we can’t compare scores 🙂

  3. Joel says:

    I got your clue CORRECT this morning (Mar 9) and you said it was wrong!

    “Stuart Little” is the second-most famous novel by what author? YOUR GUESS: E. B. White

    And that’s incorrect?! WTF?! You’d better sort out the answers if they’re typed correctly with periods.

    1. Diana Tenery says:

      Thank you and sorry to Joel and some other fine players who encountered this issue with E.B. White this morning. The periods weren’t the issue but folks putting a space between the initials were initially (har!) marked wrong. This unearthed a bug and it’s now been fixed. Everybody add a point to your score today. 🙂

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