Good trivia, good times.

We offer a fun way for people to socialize and connect through engaging and entertaining games.

Geeks Who Drink

The format that made us famous

  • 2 hours of engaging trivia, including audio & video rounds.
  • Each round format and theme is designed to maximize player entertainment.
  • Rated PG-13 and covering every topic under the sun- trust us.

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Small Batch Trivia

Good trivia that pairs perfectly with good food, good drinks, and good times

  • 2 hours of casual trivia, that adds to your conversation.
  • A focus on pop-culture that suits all ages.
  • Fewer questions giving you and your team more time to socialize.

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Geeks who drinks presents Boombox Bingo

Boombox Bingo

Music Bingo that gets you singing along with a smile

  • 2 hours of curated playlists across genres.
  • 6 chances to win prizes.
  • Great for all ages and groups of all sizes

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Private Events

Good trivia, good events

  • Customize content to your guest’s interests.
  • Host a unique team building event.
  • Events are available live in person or virtually.

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Quiz for a Cause

Geeks Who Drink supports causes our community cares about

  • Connect with our audience through one of our weekly quizzes.
  • Cross promote with educational literature. 
  • Donations raised on site.

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House Party

Good trivia at home….or anywhere

  • 40 questions including audio & visual rounds.
  • Downloadable quiz to run anywhere.
  • All you need is a PC or tablet and some friends.

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Our questions are what we’re known for,
our trivia is current, punchy, and clever.

Players will be entertained & engaged, turning your crowd from players to regulars.

The Other Guys
Geeks Who Drink
What new wave band did the song “Whip It”?
“Whip It” was a “pep talk for President Carter,” according to the founder of what new wave band?
What Persian king is the bad guy in the movie “300”?
After a storm destroyed a bridge, what Persian king from “300” had the sea whipped 300 times for its insolence?
What element is letter U on the periodic table?
Thanks to a weird clause in the Atomic Energy Act of 1945, all New Zealand high schools are allowed to have about a pound of what radioactive element whose periodic table symbol is a single vowel?

The answers are Devo, Xerxes, and Uranium.

Geeks go a step further than the other guys. We want players to learn something new and chuckle while doing it, whether they know the answer or not. Knowing things is fun!