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Go to our Digital Answer System and use the room code provided by your host.

Of course. Our team maximum is 6, so anything 6 or fewer is a team. You can certainly play with more than 6, however you will not be eligible for prizes if you play with a team larger than 6.

Of course you can play, however with more than 6 people on a team you will not be eligible for prizes.

Not for our weekly quizzes. We’ve moved permanently to a digital model. Now quizmasters have more time to entertain and keep the game moving.

Yes! We have a weekly Twitch quiz and we host virtual private events. If you’re interested in a private event, check out our Private Events page.

We keep our listings as up-to-date as possible. Please check out our Find a Quiz page for local quiz nights. If there is a last minute cancellation, we update our social media to reflect those changes as well as our website.

Why, no less than our editor-in-chief. Disputes can be forwarded to our editorial team and one of our top bananas will peel off some time to get back to you. Connect with us through our Fail Mail page.

Check out the venue page on our website. Go to the Find a Quiz page and type in the name of your venue to see team results from previous quiz nights.

We also miss our huge annual event Geek Bowl, like the deserts miss the rain. It’s a massive undertaking and we plan to bring it back as soon as we’re able to commit to it. Make sure you’re on our email list and you’ll hear about it as soon as there’s news.

You can apply to be a quizmaster right here. Our recruiting team usually responds within a day or two, even if we might not be hiring exactly where you are exactly right now. 

Visit our Partnerships page and fill out the form, someone will be in touch with you shortly!

Did we miss something? Please reach out to as at info@geekswhodrink.com with any questions you may have for us.