We love questions and answers, let us help you answer common questions.

Answers for Quizzers:

Go to our Digital Answer System and use the room code provided by your host.

Of course. Our team maximum is 6, so anything 6 or fewer is a team. You can certainly play with more than 6, however you will not be eligible for prizes if you play with a team larger than 6.

Of course you can play, however with more than 6 people on a team you will not be eligible for prizes.

Not for our weekly quizzes. We’ve moved permanently to a digital model. Now quizmasters have more time to entertain and keep the game moving.

Yes! We have a weekly Twitch quiz and we host virtual private events. If you’re interested in a private event, check out our Private Events page.

We keep our listings as up-to-date as possible. Please check out our Find a Quiz page for local quiz nights. If there is a last minute cancellation, we update our social media to reflect those changes as well as our website.

Why, no less than our editor-in-chief. Disputes can be forwarded to our editorial team and one of our top bananas will peel off some time to get back to you. Connect with us through our Fail Mail page.

Check out the venue page on our website. Go to the Find a Quiz page and type in the name of your venue to see team results from previous quiz nights.

We also miss our huge annual event Geek Bowl, like the deserts miss the rain. It’s a massive undertaking and we plan to bring it back as soon as we’re able to commit to it. Make sure you’re on our email list and you’ll hear about it as soon as there’s news.

You can apply to be a quizmaster right here. Our recruiting team usually responds within a day or two, even if we might not be hiring exactly where you are exactly right now. 

Visit our Partnerships page and fill out the form, someone will be in touch with you shortly!

 Small Batch Trivia is a pop culture heavy family-friendly quiz game with a consistent, reliable format and straightforward gameplay. Geeks Who Drink Classic Trivia consists of more questions, varied question types, and is geared toward a PG-13 audience. For more information, check out our full breakdown here.

Players of all ages are welcome to attend trivia! There is no age limit, but we do ask guests to be mindful of their venue and quiz content. Small Batch Trivia is family-friendly with PG content, while Classic Geeks Who Drink Trivia contains language and humor geared toward a PG-13 audience.

Did we miss something? Please reach out to as at info@geekswhodrink.com with any questions you may have for us.

Answers for Bar Owners:

We have found that having an ongoing night of the week allows you to build up a larger and more consistent following, which results in long term success behind the program. Players can get confused and show up on the off weeks and get upset when there’s no trivia.

Trivia is a program that needs to be built. We set our agreement length based on data we have that shows it takes a minimum of 16 weeks to build a strong program.

A successful launch requires the hiring and training of hosts / subs, gathering material for our website pages, scheduling your setup meetings, mailing marketing materials and sending digital media collateral. Our goal is to get you started as soon as possible and give you all the tools you need to promote your quiz night.

It might seem counterintuitive for people to use their phones at a trivia event, but actually it makes the event more inclusive and efficient. People can view the text and imagery associated with questions during the game, this cuts down on people yelling at the host to repeat questions. Plus it automatically scores after each round, allowing more time for people to interact and order more food and drinks!

Our Quizmasters are trained to keep an eye out for cheating and will disqualify anyone who is cheating. Cheating happened before we used our digital answer system, we’ve found from our data that incidents of cheating were higher on pen & paper. No matter the format, the issue of cheating at pub quizzes will probably never go away which is why we have a few firewalls in place to prevent it, we don’t allow for copy/paste functionality and the hosts are well trained to spot cheaters.

For cancellations, we do ask for a week’s notice. To ensure we have enough time to alert the host and put the cancellation on our website to alert players. There is no charge for cancellations brought to the client manager’s attention within a week’s notice, or for last minute cancellations due to things such as weather or illness that are beyond the venue’s control.

Friday is the only day we don’t offer trivia.

At this time our weekly trivia is general knowledge.We’ve found that having a theme quiz every week can get confusing to the quizzers, and also doesn’t appeal to everyone. Our general knowledge trivia has a little something for everyone, while being fun and unique every single week.

Our theme quizzes typically run on a different day than the venue’s regular general knowledge trivia night is held. Work with your CM on which day is best for you and your patrons.

Click here to view our current theme quizzes, we are always adding new titles to the mix! Here is a one-sheet that explains all about how it works.

As part of the onboarding process, our client managers send a suite of marketing materials to our venues, including on premise collateral and digital assets for social media platforms.

No, we don’t offer trial trivia nights. It won’t paint an accurate picture of the Geeks Who Drink trivia program we offer venues since it takes a few months to build a good following.

Another benefit of the digital answering system is there is no need to use your TVs if you prefer not to, the players will see all the questions on their mobile device. Feel free to use the TVs if you prefer, and PowerPoint slides will be available for your use if needed, although they’re not mandatory.

Did we miss something? Please reach out to as at info@geekswhodrink.com with any questions you may have for us.