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The Geeks Who Drink YouTube Channel

Geeks Who Drink are a bunch of video ninjas, y’all. Every week, we’re dropping a whole bunch of short-form YouTube content. We mean it, every single weekday afternoon a new video goes up. From Mystery Video Fun Club to Duh! to Recently In Stuff, we’ve got you covered. Go check it out.

GWD Studio
be a qm

Be Adored: Now Hiring QMs

We are currently seeking outgoing nerds, performers, and know-it-alls to join our quizmaster team and host weekly pub quizzes. If you think you’ve got the stuff, fill out an application today.

Be a Quizmaster
gwd pub owners

Increased Revenue, Increased Visibility

Our business model is no big secret: we bring customers to your pub, keep them there for a few hours, then bring them back week after week.

For Pub Owners

Newbie? That’s OK!

  1. Bring a team (up to 6), or join one at the bar
  2. It’s free to play (but order something, cheapo)
  3. Expect 70-ish questions over 2 hours
  4. Win free pints and other prizes*
  5. Go on to massive fame, fortune, a happy home life, self-realization, etc.*

*depending on jurisdiction

Done this before?

Suggest a bar or restaurant

Private events: Corporate parties, banquets, birthdays, bar mitzvahs—we’re available!