Thrice gives you more stats. Let the metagames begin!

Published March 21, 2024

First things first: This week we surpassed 4,000 daily users. Thanks to you all, and keep using that Share button!

But more importantly to you, probably: We’ve heard your requests, and today Thrice has a whole new stat-tracking system!

By playing on the same device every day (and enabling cookies), you can build up your performance history and check it any time – and if you’ve already been doing that, you can check it now! The sections go in a different order depending on what kind of device you’re playing on, but generally they go like this:

The Daily Recap shows you your score for today’s game, and every one before it. By expanding each question, you can see how the rest of the world did.

The Weekly Overview compares your score for the last 7 days with everyone else’s – and again, you can go back to whenever you first started playing.

In All-Time Stats, you can see how everyone has done historically by category, and compare your average scores to theirs. Spoiler alert: People most often get 2 points across all categories – even Arts & Literature.

And finally, we track the Toughest and Easiest Questions of each month, so you can brag (or eat humble pie) accordingly.

And that’s it! All you need to do to find this treasure trove is click the “More Stats” button, either on the Question 5 answer screen (next to Review Game) or the Review Game screen itself (down at the bottom). Scorekeep in good health!