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Geeks Who Drink Presents: Boombox Bingo

Published June 18, 2024

For decades, you’ve trusted Geeks Who Drink to do two things: to drink and to know things—not just knowing our trivia, but knowing how to run a game, work a crowd, and show you a good time. A Geeks Who Drink game is one where everyone can have fun and learn something new, and now we’re hosting a game we’ve never done B4. (See what we did there?)

We’re so excited to be launching Boombox Bingo at venues across the country. Just like regular bingo, players will aim to win prizes by completing specific patterns on their bingo boards. Unlike regular bingo, we’ve swapped out the boring numbers for epic songs from all genres and eras for you to jam out to and sing along with your friends. It’s exactly the kind of laid-back fun that’s perfect for groups of any size.

“But Geeks,” you enquire of us, ever so politely, “I’ve played music bingo before. How is Boombox Bingo any different?”

We’re so glad you asked!

Boombox Bingo brings to the bingo world exactly what Geeks Who Drink brings to trivia: accessible gameplay, creative theming, hilarious hosts, and impeccable taste. (Okay, well, some of the folks on staff unironically love Nickelback, so we’ll leave taste out of it.)

Accessible Gameplay

Similar to our GWD quizzes, Boombox Bingo is played on your phone. That means no messy daubers full of ink that leave your skin stained neon pink for the next 24 hours, and easy edits when you make a mistake on your board. That’s good news for those of you who are still confusing Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” with their completely separate song “Shot Through the Heart.”

Creative Theming

If you’ve played a GWD game before, you should know we don’t settle for general themes like “rock songs” and “musical theater.” Our harebrained editorial team is putting their creative chops to the test.

“We’re pumping in that good Geeks Who Drink energy by splitting each game into two ‘sides’ united by a common theme,” explains Editor-in-Chief, Eric Keihl. “So you might get something like ‘Only ’90s Kids Will Get This,’ divided into a playlist full of 90’s hits and another full of songs recorded before the artist hit 22. Or ‘Déjà Vu’—two playlists whose tracks have the same set of 75 titles…but totally different songs. These themes will let us jump all over the map in terms of time, genre, and mainstream-itude, meaning every game will have a wide range of jams and be totally different from the last.”

Special Events

There’s one thing we’ve learned over the years doing the audio round: sometimes, players aren’t looking for a variety of genres. If they’re going out for a game night, they want to be able to enjoy the whole playlist—and who can argue with that? 

That’s why, in addition to our standard, poly-jam-orous playlists, we’ll also be offering themed bingo nights, just like our themed quizzes. Your local bar might host an ’80s night, a Taylor Swift night, or a Pride night with a playlist full of some favorite LGBTQIA+ bops! Keep an eye on our event page to see what theme nights are coming up in your area.

Know a venue looking to start Boombox Bingo? Check out more information here.