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Lore and Love for National Trivia Day

Published January 4, 2024

Today is National Trivia Day—a day to celebrate knowledge, questions, and the fun facts we’ve all ingrained into our memories over the years. Here at Geeks Who Drink, we quiz every day of the year, so giving you more questions doesn’t feel all that special. What is special is the communities we’ve found, built, and become a part of by hosting trivia nights across the country for nearly two decades.

Even if you’ve only been to one GWD quiz, it makes you a party of a huge, happy, harebrained family of trivia geeks—from the amazing writers on our editorial team, our diligent operations staff, our hilarious quizmasters, our fabulous venue hosts, all the way out to you: the quizzers. We count ourselves lucky to be a part of that family, and we know some of you do too! Just take it from Quizmaster Jenna.

Quizmaster Lore

Like so many GWD employees, Jenna Ebert started out as a quizzer at Geeks Who Drink Trivia.

“I started quizzing with GWD at the end of 2018, but was not smart enough to help my team,” Jenna jokes, “so I figured I would apply to be a host. I have been hosting quiz since early 2019 and have appreciated feeling like the smartest person in the room ever since.”

Since then, Jenna’s been hosting quiz nights at Hangar 24 Craft Brewery in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Since then, she’s hosted hundreds of games and met hundreds of people. Since then, it’s safe to say some of those people, players, and staff members have grown attached to her. One of her regular trivia teams, “Can You Repeat That,” has been quizzing with her as long as she’s been hosting.

“Their team name is from the ‘Before Times,’” Jenna explains. “They would ask me to repeat questions multiple times when we were just using pencil and paper. They still use this name still, which I love! Brings a little nostalgia to the quiz.”

Quizmaster Love

As a game host, Jenna’s given out a love of points, prizes, and knowledge. Last month, Team Can You Repeat That decided to give her a prize of her own.

“At the end of the quiz, I was going around snagging pictures and handing out prizes,” says Jenna. “I stopped at their table and they handed me a bag and then demanded I open it immediately.”

Inside was an amazing, custom Funko Pop of Quizmaster Jenna. Not just that, but it was part of a set—one that matched the Funko Pops made for each member of the Can You Repeat That team. All the Funkos come in their own custom boxes and, of course, with their own drinks. 

“It was SUCH an awesome surprise,” Jenna gushes, “and I love that they each had one of themselves too.”

Weeks later, the GWD family is still gushing over the story. It showcases the best part about our trivia nights: making memories and connections with our community. This unstoppable Funko Team will be ready to quiz tirelessly all day and night, any day of the week, for years to come, and we hope we’re still quizzing, learning, and growing with you all just as long. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing we’ve won is the friendships we found along the way.

I mean, getting the right answer is like really important. But still.

To see Jenna in action, stop by Hangar 24 Craft Brewery on Thursday nights at 6PM—and if you’re interested in becoming a GWD Quizmaster, check out the information here to apply! Whatever role you play, we can’t thank you enough for being part of the Geeks Who Drink family. Happy National Trivia Day!