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Geeks Who Drink on Jon of All Trades

Published April 26, 2024

Last week, our Quizmaster in Chief Christopher Short made another podcast appearance. (Hear-pearance…?) If you’ve ever wanted the inside scoop on what goes on in the trivia business, Episode #365 of Jon of All Trades will tell you all you need to know about our hare-brained world.

Corona Callbacks – Just before the country went into lockdown, Geeks Who Drink was at the top of our game. We were geeking and drinking at Geek Bowl 2020 with our favorite writers, quizmasters, quizzers; They Might Be Giants was there. It was awesome—but everything changed when the coronavirus attacked. Christopher recounts the experience of watching the business grind to a halt, how special events soared to an all time high, and how he came to be Quizmaster in Chief.

Thrice Tips – If you’re not playing Geeks Who Drink’s daily trivia game, what are you even doing? Learn how Thrice was developed from a quarantine-era idea, the company ideology behind it, and how your score stacks up against nearly 10,000 daily players. Jon and Christopher also go into the editorial team’s strategy when writing questions—namely, their motto that “if your honest response to any question is ‘who gives a shit?’ then that probably wasn’t a very good question.”

Social Significance – Geeks Who Drink has been quizzing for nearly two decades, since we first stepped into the game in 2006. Since then, our quizzing community has both grown and grown up. Thankfully, so have we. Learn about the philosophy behind our 2023 rebrand and the care we take in understanding our quizzer demographic. Jon shares how pub quizzes have played a part in connecting with friends as an adult, and we unpack the joys and fears of playing live trivia.

Big thanks to Jon for bringing Geeks back after nine whole years of podcasting! Check out all episodes on the Jon of All Trades website, or listen in on Spotify, Apple, or your favorite podcatchers.

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