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Classic Trivia vs. Small Batch Trivia

Published February 6, 2024

As trivia experts, we’re usually the ones asking the questions, but there’s one question people ask us more than anything else: what’s the difference between Geeks Who Drink Classic Trivia and Small Batch Trivia?

Our answer usually boils down to, “Classic Trivia is competitive, while Small Batch Trivia is more casual.” But what does “casual” even mean? Who knows how to be casual these days?

For a deeper dive into the answer, we spoke to some of the quizmasters on the front lines. Anna Brooks and Joy Vigil are both veteran GWD quizmasters who host both kinds of trivia. We sat down for a breakdown of the differences, and here’s what they had to say.


Small Batch Trivia and Classic Trivia both run for about two hours on an average night; the key difference is the amount of work we squeeze into that timeframe. Classic Trivia is pretty fast-paced, keeping you on your toes for every round. A game of Small Batch Trivia has fewer questions, which means we can give you a beat to really think between each one. That gives you more time to confer with your team about the answer or, for those smarties who are quick on the draw, some time to order your next drink! 


No matter which GWD game you’re going to, you’re going to get the same quality questions. From a knowledge standpoint, there isn’t one that’s necessarily easier than the other. The content and tone of each quiz is a bit different, with Classic Trivia geared at a PG-13 audience while Small Batch is a bit more family friendly. One of the bigger differences you’ll notice is gameplay.

Since we revamped the format in 2023, Small Batch Trivia has a consistent format with routine question-styles you can rely on week after week, think Pyramid Scheme or 20-Point Bonanza. Even though you’re quizzing on different topics each week, the questions are asked in a similar straightforward way. 

In Classic Trivia, the round themes might be a little bit more abstract or unpredictable; in some cases, that might make the round more difficult, but it can also give you a leg up to finding the right answers if you can see the pattern our team is playing into. Think of it like Jeopardy! Some categories are tied together with similar themes—groups of letters, rhymes, number of syllables—but they don’t use those categories every week. You won’t know for sure what kind of questions you’ll get until it’s time to play the game. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at solving the puzzle and picking up the clues hidden in the wording that leads you to the answer.


Despite its name, Small Batch Trivia is closer to a “standard” trivia game you might find at any other bar. We ask you questions, you answer the questions, you get points when you answer correctly. It’s intuitive in a way that anyone can pick up right away, whether or not they’ve been to a pub quiz before. 

Geeks Who Drink Classic Trivia amps that concept up a notch. (What can we say? It’s always been our M.O.) Along with witty questions and wide-ranging topics, there’s also an element of strategy. That’s where the Joker comes in.

The Joker is a feature in Classic Trivia that gives teams a chance to multiply their points if they’re particularly confident in a round. It’s like the GWD equivalent to a Daily Double. Learning when and how to deploy your Joker during a quiz gives teams a useful advantage and, when played wisely, can help a team win even if they don’t know all of the answers. 

A Quizzing Community

One of the best parts about quizzing (and hosting) is seeing the same people week after week. We’re lucky enough to have teams who come back week after week, year after year, and really bond with their quizmaster and the other teams at the venue. Classic Trivia is a great way to find like-minded people with the same passions, interests, and even sense of humor! 

At Small Batch quizzes, we see players of all kinds—family outings, team builders, first dates, last dates…just kidding—but the benefit of a straightforward gameplay is that anyone really can participate. It’s a fun experience for large groups, small groups, or people with no groups at all!

Maybe the second most-asked question we get is how to join a quiz night with little to no team. Small Batch is a great opportunity for these quizzers, because the straightforward game gives you more time to interact with the host and other players. Our quizmasters love getting to know their quizzers and teams—and that takes pub trivia from just something to do with friends to something to do to make friends.

The Difference

So, when it comes down to it, what’s the difference between Classic Trivia and Small Batch Trivia? The experience you’re looking for. Small Batch Trivia appeals to a wide audience because of its consistent, reliable format and straightforward gameplay. With Classic Trivia, you get more—more questions, more kinds of questions, more ways to win points. It’s classic Geeks Who Drink, which means it’s more than your classic trivia game.

Whichever quiz you choose, you can count on Geeks Who Drink for a fun, interesting quiz that pulls knowledge from all kinds of subjects, presented by an awesome host who will make sure you’re having a great time!

Speaking of, we want to thank both Anna and Joy for sitting down with us! We highly suggest you become one of their weekly regulars. Catch Anna in Austin, TX, hosting at East Side Pies or Patrizi’s West, or visit Joy in the Denver area at The Grandview Tavern & Grill or Pandora’s Box at Alamo Drafthouse Westminster.