Team USA takes gold at International Quizzing Championships

We're trying really hard not to say "Reign in Spain"

Published November 5, 2023

The United States team – Brandon Blackwell, Victoria Groce, Steve Perry, and Shane Whitlock – defeated Belgium 91-64 in the team final Sunday at the International Quizzing Championships in Torremolinos, Spain.

It was something of an improbable run, Whitlock said, including a narrow 66-53 escape from the semifinals against pre-tournament favorites England.

“(The semifinal) was a close match,” Whitlock said, “but we were expertly captained by Victoria, and everyone had unique contributions.”

The final was a little more comfortable, with Team USA taking a first-round lead it never relinquished.

“Just great teamwork from all my teammates, no egos and really fun to play,” Whitlock said.

England beat Norway in the bronze medal match by a score of 74-52.

According to the competition’s website, U.S. team captain Groce – a star of ABC’s The Chase – also won the pairs competition alongside Norway’s Thomas Kolåsæter, and took bronze in Saturday’s individual competition, behind Dean Kotiga of Croatia and Daoud Jackson of England.