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In September 2011, Canadian rapper Drake announced on Twitter that he was changing his username from @Drakkardnoir to just @Drake. “Feeling super official,” he wrote, after dropping the reference to Drakkar Noir, a brand of cologne you can buy at even the least discerning Walgreens. 

But the @-update didn’t mean that Drake’s relationship with Drakkar had ended, not at all. Six years later, during a trip to Sweden, Drake had a photo-realistic bottle of Drakkar inked on his left shoulder

Acclaimed Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg did the honors, putting the bottle of Drakkar beside Drake’s existing ink of a burning skull beneath the word ‘Unruly.’ (Last summer, Men’s Health cataloged all 35 of Drake’s tattoos, ID-ing over 30 pieces, including a small portrait of himself waving at all four Beatles; two photos of R&B singer Sade; and an image of the CN Tower, a Toronto landmark.) 

If you’re unfamiliar with the eye-watering scent of Drakkar Noir, congratulations on being under 35. The cologne was created by late French fashion designer Guy Laroche, whose website describes it as “a sensual and powerful fragrance.” GQ went with fewer adjectives, calling it “what the ‘80s smelled like,” while Ask Men summarized it as “a combination of Mike Tyson’s sweat, Gordon Gekko’s power, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.” 

Whatever emotions it stirs in your olfactory nerve, it seems to be working for Drake. Jim Stanley, the Oklahoma granddad who went viral last December when he and his wife sat beside Drake at an Oklahoma City Thunder game, couldn’t get over the rapper’s personal potpourri. “[A] young man sat down next to us and really didn’t say anything at first,” Stanley recently told the Toronto Star. “My first reaction was — don’t get this wrong — he smelled good. I said to him, ‘I really like what you are wearing.’ He turned to me and said thanks and shook my hand.”

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