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Quick question for you: how much peanut butter do you think you could eat in a minute? We’re talking under optimum conditions, if you’re given an open jar of the planet’s smoothest PB, an oversized spoon, and a 60-second clock. Despite the fact that our mouths are big enough to double as seasonal storage facilities, we still think we’d get through maybe four big spoonfuls. Maybe.

In November 2017, a German guy named Andre Ortolf set a Guinness Record for downing an unbelievable 378 grams of peanut butter in a single minute, which means he almost swallowed an entire jar of PB in less time than it takes Tom Selleck to talk about reverse mortgages.

The Guinness people have described Ortolf as one of their “most prolific record-breakers” and they’re not joking. In addition to that peanut butter thing, Ortolf also holds Guinness World Records for eating three pounds of baby food in a minute; for drinking an entire bottle of ketchup in 17.5 seconds; for eating 14.46 ounces of lasagna in 30 seconds; and for eating almost 2 1/2 pounds of mashed potatoes in a minute — and that’s not even his full list of (honestly gross) achievements.

“I decided to break records because I need a challenge in my life,” Ortolf told Guinness on a day when he broke three additional records. “I like to overcome boundaries and train to go further and further and further.”

Mate, we like a challenge too, but ours are more like “How many episodes of Ozark can we watch without having to pee?” or “How much diabetes can one person have?” not “How fast can I eat a whole jar of JIF?”

There’s an entire round about peanut butter in today’s Virtual Pub Quiz Replay. We don’t even want to know what Andre Ortolf is doing in the time it takes you to watch it.

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