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Bears, Beers, and Big Trivia Success: How Bear Tooth Theatrepub Created an Epic Trivia Night

Published October 10, 2023

Bear Tooth Theatrepub, a beloved local hotspot in Anchorage, Alaska recently achieved trivia night triumph. Over the course of three consecutive weekly trivia events at their venue on 1230 W 27th Ave, they drew whopping turnouts of 76, 72, and 54 teams. This impressive participation was the result of smart planning, creative promotions, and community partnerships to fill every seat. Their trivia night case study provides an excellent example for others looking to generate buzz and boost attendance at their own events.

Co-Branding with Alaska Airlines for Sponsorship and Prizes

A key factor in Bear Tooth’s trivia night success was a partnership with Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines agreed to sponsor the trivia nights by providing a grand prize for the top team after the full 16 week trivia “league” concludes. 

Alaska Airlines is the largest airline servicing Anchorage, and enjoys strong brand recognition and loyalty among local residents. They also have a tendency to sponsor local businesses and venues. This co-branding brought increased awareness and legitimacy to the trivia nights. It also gave people more incentive to participate, as the promise of a major prize from Alaska Airlines added excitement.

The partnership was mutually beneficial. Alaska Airlines earned goodwill and marketing exposure among an engaged local audience. Bear Tooth gained a well-known brand partner to help promote and attract people to the event.

This type of co-branded sponsorship and prize offering is an effective way to generate interest leading up to a special event. Partnering with a brand that is recognized and valued in the local community helps set the stage for an exceptional turnout.

Promoting Across Multiple Platforms

Another key to Bear Tooth’s trivia night success was spreading the word across several promotional channels. This cross-platform promotion ensured that news of the event reached the broadest possible audience.

Bear Tooth began promoting the trivia nights about a month in advance. They shared announcements on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. This allowed them to get the word out to their existing social media followers.

They also hung print posters and flyers on community bulletin boards around Anchorage. These old-school promotional materials captured the attention of people who might not follow Bear Tooth’s social accounts.

Using both digital promotions and real-world marketing materials helped blanket the area with trivia night hype. Bear Tooth was able to effectively publicize to locals across multiple demographics and channels.

Leveraging Bear Tooth’s Established Fanbase

Bear Tooth had an advantage in its existing popularity among Anchorage residents. The theatre pub has built a loyal following since its opening in 2007. It offers an eclectic mix of entertainment including movies, concerts, sodas, beers, and signature grilled food. Their diverse menu features pizza, burgers, burritos, and other options.

The trivia night was perfectly aligned with Bear Tooth’s quirky brand image and menu. Many regular patrons were excited to participate in the novel trivia league. They viewed it as a fun new activity that was consistent with the overall Bear Tooth experience.

The large existing customer base gave Bear Tooth a solid foundation to build upon with the trivia promotion. The event felt like an extension of the brand rather than a one-off novelty. Astute brand management and understanding of their core audience contributed to the impressive turnout.

Driving Food and Beverage Sales on Slow Nights

An additional motivating factor for Bear Tooth in launching the trivia league was boosting sales on typically slow nights. Earlier in the week, like Tuesdays, Bear Tooth saw lower than average foot traffic and purchases.

The trivia event gave people a reason to visit the theatre pub during a normally unpopular time. It drove business on nights when the restaurant and bar would usually be quiet.

Offering a special event like trivia during off-peak hours is a smart tactic for increasing sales. It incentivizes customers to change their habits and visit on slower days that they would normally avoid.

The Ideal Trivia Format

The trivia format lends itself perfectly to driving engagement and participation. Trivia attracts a broad demographic since questions can appeal to different ages and interests. The competitive team dynamic promotes camaraderie and motivates people to return week after week. For an entertainment venue like Bear Tooth that offers concerts, movies, drinks and food, a trivia league was an ideal addition. It complemented their existing programming while giving people a new reason to keep coming back.

Key Takeaways

Bear Tooth Theatrepub’s enormously successful trivia league provides some excellent lessons for organizations hoping to create their own buzzworthy events:

  • Partner with a well-known local or national brand to increase awareness and participation
  • Promote across both digital and print platforms
  • Leverage an existing fanbase when launching something new
  • Strategically schedule events during slow business periods
  • Choose an interactive, competitive format that motivates participation

Trivia night’s team format lent itself perfectly to generating excitement. But the execution by Bear Tooth Theatre Pub is what really made this event extraordinary. Their planning, promotion, and partnerships turned trivia into a viral happening.Offering a unique service option to loyal patrons allows them to interact with your bar or restaurant in a different way than usual. It gives them a reason to come back besides a cold beer or burger. Through a thoughtful promotional strategy, community collaborations, and understanding your core customers you can generate more visitors with largely the same tools at hand. With the right foundations, and with Geeks Who Drink, your next event can be your greatest success.