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A Deep Dive Into Perfume Madness

Published February 9, 2022

For over 25 years, the Demeter Fragrance Library has made their bones in the hardscrabble market space of perfumes. They simply want to find out “what kind of smells you like” and then make those smells. It’s easy!

The beauty in their product names is in their simplicity. Like the smell of a freshly-cut lawn? Great, here’s a perfume we made called “Grass.” Well, the creative dweebs at Geeks Who Drink decided to provide a service to Demeter Fragrance Library (call us!) and offer up some marketing copy to jazz up your offerings. Here goes:

Dirt – Soil yourself.
Glue – We don’t remember what it smells like either.
Spacewalk – You know, like space. Notoriously good-smelling space where it’s a vacuum and nothing can survive.
Chipotle Pepper – Do NOT apply to penis.
Whiskey Tobacco – Hey champ, dad will come back from the store SOMEDAY.
Clean Windows – It’s ammonia!
Fuzzy Balls – The Dunlop variety, for tennis. Don’t make this weird.
Mulled Cider – We really put a lot of thought into this one.
Beeswax – It’s none of your business what it smells like.
Macadamia Nut – This one’s mislabeled. It’s actually Academia Nut. It smells like the corpse of Sir Isaac Newton.
Hand Sanitizer Spray – Bring back 2020 again and again.
Gold – This one’s a trap, leprechauns.
Cotton Candy – My candy floss brings all the clowns to the yard.
Firefly – Sorry, this scent was cancelled in 2002.
Blood Lime – Now we’re just makin’ shit up.
This Is Not A Pipe – This is not a fragrance, either. You paid $36 for water. It’s a metaphor.
Clove, Clover – Someday we’ll perfect Clovest, dammit.
New Baby – Fingers crossed it isn’t just meconium.
Kamikaze – Dive into the fragrance.
Cinnamon Toast – For when you want to prank yourself into thinking you’re having a stroke.
Dregs – Literally just whatever we had left over.
First Love – Do you regret buying that giant teddy bear yet?
Blue Spruce – It’s a tree, but it swears.
Dust – A noseful of despair.
Puppy’s Breath – FINE, TAKE OUR MONEY.

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