GWD House Party

Good trivia. Good times. Good house parties.

It’s here! Geeks Who Drink presents House Party, the trivia experience that you can take with you… anywhere! 

Whether you’re hanging out at home, in a hotel, on a train, on a plane, at an Applebee’s (we won’t judge… not to your face), the trivia experts at Geeks Who Drink are bringing our classic bar trivia experience straight to you.

With a wide range of trivia content that includes our typical audio/visual flair, our House Party pack will entertain your friends and probably make ’em a bit smarter. We’ve gone deep on some of our favorite subjects with themed sets. Find one that works best for you and yours, and show off those smarts.

Make sure you take pics of your house party, and tag us on socials!

Available Quizzes

What is needed to play?

  • As few or as many people as you want
  • Paper and writing utensils — each team will need one
  • PC, tablet, or mobile device for audio and visual rounds

What do I get?

  • Forty trivia questions on a specific theme:
    • PDF of three rounds with eight questions per round
    • One mp3 file
    • One mp4 file
  • Template of an answer sheet
  • Recommendations on food and drinks to serve that are on theme with your trivia
  • Lifelong memories with friends and family


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