GWD House Party

Good trivia. Good times. Good house parties.

It’s here! Geeks Who Drink presents House Party, the trivia experience that you can take with you… anywhere! 

Whether you’re hanging out at home, in a hotel, on a train, on a plane, at an Applebee’s (we won’t judge… not to your face), the trivia experts at Geeks Who Drink are bringing our classic bar trivia experience straight to you.

With a wide range of trivia content that includes our typical audio/visual flair, our House Party pack will entertain your friends and probably make ’em a bit smarter. We’ve gone deep on some of our favorite subjects with themed sets. Find one that works best for you and yours, and show off those smarts.

Make sure you take pics of your house party, and tag us on socials!

Available Quizzes

What is needed to play?

  • As few or as many people as you want
  • Paper and writing utensils — each team will need one
  • PC, tablet, or mobile device for audio and visual rounds

What do I get?

  • Forty trivia questions on a specific theme:
    • PDF of three rounds with eight questions per round
    • One mp3 file
    • One mp4 file
  • Template of an answer sheet
  • Recommendations on food and drinks to serve that are on theme with your trivia
  • Lifelong memories with friends and family


Fire Can’t Kill a Quizmaster: A Game of Thrones Quiz 

Drink like a Lannister, fight like a Stark, and conquer like a Targaryen with the Game of Thrones House Party Quiz. Test your knowledge of the history and great houses of Westeros with questions about both hit series, Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Available Now!

We’re Here: A Pride Quiz

Good trivia is for everyone—always. Our Pride House Party Quiz is here for you to play with anyone at any time in any place. School your friends or learn something new with five rounds on LGBTQIA+ history, fiction, and pop culture icons.

Available Now!

Meet Cute: A Rom Coms Quiz

I’ll have what she’s having… the Rom Com House Party Quiz! That’s right: we took all the love and all the laughs and wrapped them into one House Party quiz about romantic comedies! How much do you really know about true love?

Available Now!

Not Here to Make Friends: A Reality TV Quiz

Think you’re a reality TV expert? Then it’s time for a reality check…actually, a Reality TV Trivia Quiz! Let’s see if you can keep track of who sings, who dances, who cooks, who serves, and who is always ready to clap back.

Available Now!

Werk It: A RuPaul’s Drag Race Quiz

The library is open—and the game is on. You better work if you want to snatch the crown in this House Party quiz, because this is one trivia game that is not here to play. So be prepared for things to get competitive: this is RuPaul’s Drag Race, not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race.

Available Now!

End of Eras: A Taylor Swift Quiz

Did you know over half of all US adults say they are Swifties? You’re not alone! We can all agree on the power of Tay Tay.  

In this pack you’ll receive 40 questions about the Taylorverse. From random knowledge to feuds to music collaborations, we uncover it all. 

Available Now!

Get in Loser, We’re Going Quizzing: A Mean Girls Quiz

Grab your pink polo, homecoming crown, or Mathletes jacket – it’s not October 3rd but get ready for Geeks Who Drink’s Mean Girls House Party Trivia! Download now for a fun and challenging trivia experience that will make your game night so fetch.

Available Now!

High There: A Weed Quiz

If you’re a fan of high-quality trivia, blunt humor, and…well, weed…then we have the quiz for you! Our Weed House Party quiz is rolling out just in time for 4/20. Get ready to blaze through these questions featuring all the burn-out classics. It’s a quiz that’s sure to light-up your night!

Look for this quiz to return in 2025.

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!: An Oscars Quiz

Roll out the red carpet and gather your viewing party essentials. We’ve crafted this exclusive quiz to commemorate a cornerstone of pop culture: the Oscars. Celebrating Oscars past and present, this quiz is teeming with entertainment for your Oscars party.

Look for an all new Oscars quiz to return in 2025.


Geeks’ Favorite Stuff: A Best of 2023 Quiz

Let’s close out the year with a curated compilation of our favorite trivia rounds from this past year. These standouts may be from 2023, but rest assured, these rounds are timeless. Available for a limited time so grab one now and save it for a rainy quiz day!

Look for an all new Best of to return at the end of 2024.

Season’s Geekings: A Holiday Quiz

Get the merriment rolling with a delightfully geeky holiday-themed quiz. Your family, friends, and coworkers will love the gift that keeps on giving—trivia, of course. 

Have a Happy Merry Holly Jolly Whatever You Will!

Look for this to return for holiday season 2024.

Be Thankful: A Thanksgiving Quiz

Time to get stuffed…with knowledge! This holiday, fill in the inevitable awkward silences or thwart awkward conversations with something we can all be thankful for: The gift of trivia! 

Enjoy the cornucopia of questions in our Thanksgiving quiz.

Look for this to return for Thanksgiving 2024.

Wicked Fun: A Halloween Quiz

Instead of throwing our questions and a mini-Snickers at anyone who knocks on our door, we decided to put them together in this frighteningly fun Halloween quiz. Creep it real this Halloween.

Look for this to return for Halloween 2024.

Labor Day

Workers, BBQ, and White Collar Criminals — this quiz has it all. Celebrate the close of summer and make your Labor Day party something special. Trust us, the only thing you’ll be working is your brain.

Look for this to return for Labor Day 2024.