Adopt a Bar

No question about it: With the power of good trivia, your brand can connect with a new audience.

We create high-quality trivia designed to entertain audiences

  • Nationwide leaders in bar trivia for 17+ years
  • In over 650+ venues across the US weekly
  • Over 270,000 followers across social platforms
  • Over 30,000 weekly players

Partner with us

  • Connect with a highly engaged audience
    • 90+ mins of trivia where people come to eat and DRINK
    • Loyal audience of repeat customers

Drive Sales

  • Offer weekly specials, samples, bar spends, and swag to quizzers (street teams welcome)
  • Increase points of distribution

Increase brand awareness

In venue signage and promotional materials

Swag welcome

Callouts from our Quizmasters

Highlight specials

In-app Ads

Connect with folks during quiz

Digital & Social promotion

Support your specials locally & nationally

All sponsorships are open to customization


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