QM Lead Referral Page

Quizmaster zeal has always been Geeks Who Drink’s #1 growth engine. That’s why we wanna give back: specifically, $200 for helping us find our next great client!

If you know of a perfect bar that you’d like to host at – or even if you’d rather not host there for whatever reason – the process is simpler than ever:

  1. Fill out the form below in its entirety.
  2. Within three business days, our sales team will review your referral, reach out with further questions, and/or get back to you with a go/no-go decision.
  3. If we do green-light the bar, we’ll ask you to make a formal introduction between sales and the bar’s decision maker at this time – but please wait until we reach out to you to do so! Keep in mind, the introduction must be made before you’re paid;).Please keep in mind you must be employed by Geeks Who Drink at the time the bar signs up  to receive your referral fee.

And that’s really it! If your bar makes it through those steps, then when they have their first quiz, you’ll get an additional $200 added to your host pay! In the very unlikely event that the venue is already in the sales process, we may sign a bar without triggering a bonus. To ensure maximum transparency, we will let you know that as soon as we possibly can – i.e., before the contract is signed if it isn’t yet.

We appreciate you being a part of our team and helping us grow. Now let’s go make some money!