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National partners running Geeks Who Drink pub quizzes:

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With our Classic and Small Batch offerings, we serve massive beer halls to intimate tasting rooms, large chains to independents, and everywhere in between.

Two formats to thrill every crowd

Ask the masses and wiseasses: Our O.G. format is the endurance race of choice for throngs of beer-soaked nerds.

If you want everything from Hungary to The Hunger Games, from science to sports, from the Billboard Hot 100 to Better Call Saul, then GWD Classic is the quiz for you.

This plays out over seven rounds of eight questions each, including audio and video/visual rounds. Each round format and theme is precision-tuned to maximize player engagement.

Winning teams get bar cash and bragging rights,* and bonus questions sprinkled throughout the quiz give everyone a few chances for goodies.

Think it’s just trivia? Think again!

*Other prizes may be substituted depending on venue type and jurisdiction.

Good trivia that pairs perfectly with good food, good drinks, and good times.

If you’re looking for a light, laid-back live trivia experience, get it from the pub quiz industry leaders.

Small Batch Trivia is everything you love about Geeks Who Drink, in a slimmed-down package. Hence the name!

This two-hour quiz is streamlined from our classic format, but still retains the clever theming and audio-visual flair that thousands have come to know and love.

Good trivia is for everyone!

What You Get: Butts in Seats

Two hours of hilarious knowledge-based entertainment, including audio and video rounds, to keep your patrons glued to their seats and running up tabs. From massive beer halls to intimate tasting rooms, we pack in the quizzers – and believe us, they drink!

What You Get: The Best Content Anywhere

A full-time editorial staff of ten, with combined trivia-writing experience of more than a century. With six quizzes a week, we also write more questions each year than Jeopardy! does – a particular point of pride for our CEO, an actual six-time Jeopardy! champion.

What You Get: An MC Who Brings It

Every host is vetted and thoroughly trained to entertain your patrons all night. To ensure uninterrupted service, we vet and train their backups too! And who’s doing all this vetting and training? A dedicated staffing team of four that is itself made up of some of our best, longest-serving Quizmasters.

What You Get: An Expert Account Manager

Don’t let the pictures fool you – our client-facing team has handled more than 4,000 accounts across our 15-plus years, and they’ve seen it all. And your account manager is not just your point of contact: they’ll also connect you to the power of our complete finance and marketing departments. We’re professional, yo!

What You Get: A Cutting Edge Tech Experience

With our custom browser-based scoring app, everyone answers straight from their phones. That means hosts spend less time hand-scoring, and more time entertaining your guests!

What You Get: Promotions That Pop

We’ll get you class-leading promotional collateral to drive traffic to your trivia night, both in-house and online. If it’s turnkey simplicity you’re after, we’ll design it right down to the hashtags!

What You Get: A Map Leading Right to Your Door

Your branding will appear on our site’s best-in-the-industry quiz mapper (over 21,000 page views A WEEK!) Visitors can click through to see your own dedicated page with weekly scores and photos. Who could resist?

As featured in…

Best of Awards:

Our theme quizzes follow our classic seven-round, two-hour, multimedia format—but, ya know, they’re all about a single subject. With 15 years as the trivia industry leaders, we’ve created a catalog of surefire winners that we’re adding to every month. Oh, and we’ve designed our themes from the ground up to be an immersive, FOMO-inducing experience. Run correctly, they’re a great marketing tool you can use to drive new traffic to your bar, and convert new customers.

*A la carte theme quizzes available to full-service Geeks Who Drink clients.

Our Clients say…

Austin, TX

The Highball

Austin, TX

“From their all-Seinfeld quiz to rounds involving sound, sight, and smell (yes, smell), Geeks Who Drink puts on an original night of quizzing and promotes it like someone put a gun to their heads.”

Henri Mazza, Creative Director

Honolulu, HI

Waikiki Brewing Co.

Honolulu, HI

“We developed a great following for trivia night. … Our regulars are so happy!”

Andy Flartey, General Manager

Denver, CO

The Irish Rover

Denver, CO

“We used to have another trivia company, but they couldn’t generate a consistent crowd. Since switching to Geeks Who Drink, our Wednesday night has become one of our busiest.”

Alan O’Gorman, Owner

San Antonio, TX

Roadmap Brewing Co.

San Antonio, TX

“Geeks Who Drink completely changed our Thursday nights! They handle everything needed – all while bringing an exciting atmosphere and new customers to our brewery!”

Dustin Baker, Co-owner/Brewer

Denver, CO

WIld Corgi Pub

Denver, CO

There’s nothing like a pub at capacity on a Tuesday. That’s what my quizmaster, Micah, and GWD bring to Wild Corgi Pub. It’s our favorite night of the week.

Dusty Jones, Owner

Centennial, CO

Max Taps

Centennial, CO

We’ve been thrilled that Geeks has been able to bring people back into the venue and help us recover from a very difficult year. People seem to love the contactless scoring, fun atmosphere, and entertaining content that Geeks provides!

Dave Gardner, owner

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