Geeks Who Drink is the largest producer of live-hosted pub trivia in the United States and Canada.

Here's what sets us apart:

A Quiz Tailored For Your Event

Each week, our editorial staff produces more original content than Jeopardy. For your event, that might mean custom-built content (imagine the CEO’s head on a movie poster), or just categories tailored to your audience, be it domestic, international, or both.

Friendly Competition

A Geeks Who Drink quiz breaks the ice as each question is a conversation starter unto itself. “How did you know that? Why did you know that? Are you sure you know that?” Guests are forced to put away their phones and talk about something that’s not work.

Not Just for Geeks or Drinkers

Even if your guests aren’t geeks who drink, our quizzes appeal to a broad audience.

Rapid-Fire Entertainment

In addition to friendly competition with a social bent, quizzes work great for corporate events because they’re dynamic. Compare it to a speaker or band: If guests aren’t engaged, they’re stuck for a few hours. With trivia, if you don’t like a question, another one is seconds away! Even if a whole round isn’t your cup of tea, the next one will be an entirely different format.

Serving 1,000+ corporate clients

Past Private Events

Coworking Center

"Thank you so much for hosting our trivia event last night! I've been going to Geeks Who Drink trivia for a few years now, so I was really excited to be able to bring you in to host one of our community events. And it was no surprise that it went so smoothly! I was really impressed by the organization and professionalism. It all just looked so crisp and well-run. We're hopefully going to host another trivia night in the spring, so I look forward to working with you again!" – Solomon Flax, CIC

Lawyer Association

"We all had a great time! Thank you for hosting. People have already been asking about doing more of these in the future."

Marketing Technology Firm

"This was awesome! Thanks so much! I've already recommended it to my personal friend group. We have our own Slack account with 125 people in it so I'm hoping to corral another group of 20-30 to do this again!"

Video Game Publisher

"Big thanks to you and your team for running this event! I am receiving tons of positive feedback. You guys were awesome!"

Ready to Get Going?

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