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Either time doesn’t make sense anymore, or we’re just getting old as hell, ‘cause it’s hard to believe that it’s been 20-plus years since Christopher Walken, director Spike Jonze, and British DJ Fatboy Slim collaborated on one of the most iconic music videos of the early aughts.

The video for “Weapon of Choice” was filmed in the lobby of an empty Los Angeles Marriott, and it’s just three glorious minutes of a then 57-year-old Walken vibing his way past luggage carts, across the gleaming marble floor, and past the hotel’s deserted front desk.

“Weapon of Choice” was the big winner at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, picking up six ‘Moonman’ trophies, including Video of the Year, Best Director, and Best Choreography for Walken himself. (Before he became a Serious Actor, Walken trained as a dancer.)

Weirdly enough, that spacesuit-wearing chunk of assorted metals is the closest that Christopher Walken has gotten to space. Can you believe it? Dude has made dozens and dozens (and dozens) of movies, and all of them have been set on the same stupid planet. Today’s Video Rewind entry has a bunch of space-walking clips and, no offense to Matthew McConaughey or Matt Damon or any other Matthews who made the montage, but it should’ve been Christopher Walken outside that spaceship. It should always be Christopher Walken, period.

Speaking of today’s Video Rewind, see if you can safely venture out into the inky blackness by naming these spacewalking movies!

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