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Back on Opera Day…yup, that’s totally a thing…we celebrated with a round on two-part questions that blend high and low culture for a point per part. It gave us the perfect excuse to ask about French luxury brands and Family Guy, all in the span of 30 seconds. You know, a pretty normal day at the office for the Geeks. Anyway, we also learned about a swanky-ass hotel in Dubai. Let’s learn a bit more.

Earlier this year, Beyonce played a 73-minute, 17 song set as part of the ultra-exclusive opening weekend for Dubai’s ridiculous new Atlantis The Royal Hotel. Booking Queen Bey doesn’t come cheap: she was reportedly paid a record-setting $24 million to sing to a crowd of VIPs, and during her $328,767-per-minute performance she wore $7.5 million worth of jewelry. (STARS! They’re just like us!) 

All of that just screams “DUBAI,” and so does the whole vibe of Atlantis The Royal, which is now taking reservations even for those of us who haven’t won 32 Grammys. According to CNBC, the average rate for the hotel’s 795 rooms starts at $1,000-per-night, and for the Royal Mansion, the property’s swankiest suite, guests can expect to pay $100,000-per-night. (Yes, Beyonce supposedly slept in one of the suite’s four bedrooms.) 

“[The suite] is the most expensive, and, we believe, also the largest mansion in the world. It’s $100,000 a night to stay in the room, and it’s 11,000 square feet,” Timothy Kelly, Atlantis Resorts Managing Director and Vice President, told Arabian Business

So what kind of amenities do you get when your hotel room costs almost three Honda Odysseys’ worth every night? The Robb Report says that every six-figure guest has access to a private entrance and private foyer, four bedrooms scattered throughout the suite’s two stories, “exclusive exclusive Hermès bath products,” a 5,123 square foot terrace, their own infinity pool, outdoor and indoor kitchens, a 12-seat dining room, and an “entertainment room” with its own library and bar. 

Royal Mansion guests also get their own personal butler and have access to around-the-clock room service, if they need a snack before they explore the other half of their penthouse. 

If that’s beyond your budget, Skyscanner reports that the average price for a non-record-setting hotel room in Dubai can range from a low of $140 per night in June to an average high of $368 per night in August. You aren’t sleeping where Beyonce slept but — let’s be honest — you’re not banking six-figures a minute to do your job either.