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Because You Loved Moi

Published March 8, 2022

When Celine Dion took the stage during the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony to sing “Smile” while the audience saw pics of everybody who’d died in the past year, she set an unofficial record for the most Oscar night performances. Some of her other five appearances included dueting on the Beauty and the Beast theme song with Peabo Bryson, and belting the shit out of “My Heart Will Go On” — and her larynx is probably a big reason why those songwriters left with their own Oscars. 

Although her songs have been featured in movies ranging from Titanic to Deadpool 2 to that saggy Robert Redford flick your aunt loves, Dion didn’t actually appear in a film until 2014, when she had an incredible cameo in Muppets Most Wanted. She shows up to sing “Something So Right” with Miss Piggy, and she absolutely nails it. (Vulture rated Dion’s movie debut as the best of the flick’s 24 celebrity cameos, calling it “wonderful.”) 

Dion seems to have wowed pretty much everyone except the person…er, the pig, that she shared the screen with. “Céline and moi are probably the closest of friends, but we hardly ever talk to each other,” Miss Piggy told Canadian Living. “We have our people talk to one another…She is wonderful in the movie and she sings pretty good too. I had to go in the studio and double for her on a couple of notes, the high notes.” 

That Muppets cameo shows up in our recent Video Rewind. Check it out!

Oink, Eh?

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