Our business model is no big secret: we bring customers to your pub, keep them there for a few hours, then bring them back week after week. Most geeks have disposable income and believe us, they drink. Please take a look at the video below to hear our clients talk about how awesome we are.

What does the host pub need to provide?

Not much. GWD provides all that’s necessary to run the quiz – answer sheets, pencils, posters and table tents. We tap into your existing sound system or, in some very rare cases, bring in our own equipment. Our venues provide the prizes – typically gift certificates redeemable on another night.  Apart from that we really just need you to talk the quiz up to your regulars, keep our posters up, and keep the taps flowing on quiz night.

How long does it take to build a crowd?

Once the crowd is built, it's very consistent, but building it varies between one to six months. We’ve had anywhere from three to 30 teams on opening nights. While we do a lot of marketing, word of mouth is always the most effective tool… and that takes time.

How do you market the quiz?

Point of sale, social media outreach and online advertising: everything from posters and table tents in the bar to advertising on Facebook, Google keywords and other websites. GWD also gets its name in the news, regularly. Please see the press  section for numerous examples.

To foster repeat business, we post a web recap for every quiz, complete with photos and final scores. This also allows our players to spread the word via social networking (by the way, we have over 70,000 Facebook friends/fans and  over 20,000 Twitter followers). Finally, we maintain an email list for each venue, to send reminders before the quiz.

What kind of numbers do you guys do?

Our clients don’t tend to share that information with us, though we’ve heard anywhere between three to ten times the revenue they were doing before hiring us. 

Why should I hire you guys when I can just write questions myself?

It's a free country, but coming up with more than 60 fact-checked questions on your own, including two music rounds and a picture round, all while managing a bar, is possible only if you’re willing to postpone sleep indefinitely. Most quizzes are written by people with day jobs – and it shows. Writing quizzes is our day job.

How do we decide the time and night of the week?

That’s really up to you. While Tuesdays and Wednesdays are by far the most popular, don’t overlook the possibility of bringing us in on a Saturday night before or after your rush times. 

Fine, so how much?

We prefer not to disclose that here, but our rates are reasonable and vary based on the initial term of the agreement and method of payment.

Please email sales@geekswhodrink.com, call 303-532-4737 ext. 801, or fill out the form below  for more information.

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