Opportunities to Reach Players During The Quiz

Advertising with Geeks Who Drink you have the ability to reach a captive audience of thousands of players each week throughout the country.

Our weekly quizzes in over thirty locations offer the ability to put your product and message in front of thousands of ears and eyeballs. We have the dedicated attention of this audience for two hours each week.

Answer Sheet Sponsorship

At every quiz, each team receives an answer sheet packet and pencil to record their answers. Teams average four players in size.

This 9-page 5.5"x8.5" packet receives lots of attention with players writing down their answers on one sheet per round. Each round lasts an average of 10 minutes.

Place a 1"x4" or 1"x2" ad on a per-impression basis. Or get greater exposure with a full page insert.

Color printing is available!

Bonus Free Pint Question Sponsorship

Ears perk up five times a night when we read bonus questions for free pints of beer.

Each time we award a bonus pint, we'll make a 30-second over-the-air announcement to the players with your message.

This is a fantastic way to put your beer in the mouth of a happy customer. We haven't had anyone turn down a free pint yet...

Bonus Internet Question Sponsorship

The Bonus Internet Question is a perfect way to tie your email sponsorship into our live performances. At each quiz, there is one question for a bonus prize that requires players to submit an answer for a question asked via the weekly email.

When we award the Bonus Internet Question prize, we'll make a 30-second over-the-air announcement to the players with your message.

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