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Mother Muff's
2432 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO
[Wednesday 8:00 pm]
[Sunday 7:00 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


You're Not My Real Dad
Dew Ice Pitter Swallow
And The Horse You Rode In On
Tam O'Shatner With Cheese
The Loud Mouth Marylanders
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Spring has Sprung!


Hey guys! Thanks for checking in for our recap of last night’s quiz at Mother Muffs. Round one, “Eight Quick Questions on the Current U.S. Cabinet”, taught us that Rick Perry oversees the Energy Department. Round two, our first audio round of the evening, asked you to name the headlining song from various versions of Now That’s What I Call Music compilations. Overall, a pretty easy round for you guys. Round three, “It’s a Shame About Rays”, taught us that Ray Ban is owned by Baush and Lomb. Round four, “Gimme Gimme Shock Therapy” asked you to answer questions about people, places and things that have had issues with electricity. Did you know that Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning while filming “The Passion of The Christ”? Round 5, our visual round, asked you to name the celebrities pictured partying it up. Another easy round for you guys with the exception of question number 6. That is Taylor Momsen, not Courtney Love. Round 6, “Go On, Sniff Me” was a round on perfume. Did you know that ambergris, an important ingredient in perfume, is produced by the intestines of sperm whales? Round 7, our second audio round, asked you to name the movie clip where someone was quoting or misquoting the bible. Not such a good round for you guys. Our last round, round 8 was chock full of random knowledge and taught us that nitrogen and hydrogen are the two elements that make up a molecule of ammonia.

In third place, winning a $10 gift card was team …And the Horse You Rode In On. 2nd place and bringer homers of a $15 gift card was team Dew Ice Spitter Swallow. And in first place, taking home the grand prize of $25 was team You’re Not My Real Dad. As always, thanks for playing, see you next week!!!!

My name's Eileen. Originally from Upstate NY, I moved to Colorado in October of 2014. Started playing Geeks Who Drink over a year ago and decided to give hosting a try!