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Nox Cocktail Lounge
302 N Goodman Street
Rochester, NY
[Sunday 7:30 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


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In Which I Do Not Fix A Car

QM Colleen

You'll recall that I forgot to put up a Facebook post for quiz this Sunday.

You'll recall that I mentioned I was fighting with my car.

Here's my harrowing tale.

You remember the first full day of the snow storm last week? It took me two hours to drive home from work. It was about 6 miles. 5 of those miles were down without windshield wipers.

You see, when I reached the Klassy Kat, the Kurse of the Kat took hold of my car and the wipers just stopped. Halfway through a wipe, chilling in the middle of where I need to SEE THINGS, my wipers were as useless as a.... useless.... thing.....

I pulled over to see what I could do. All I could was push them out of the way and clear off the glass by hand. (And by hand I mean with a brush, not my bare hands.)

So I got back in and I drove the rest of the way with rivers of water running down the front of my car. I had to move my head back and forth to see anything. I looked ridiculous.

Fast forward to yesterday - I thought that my wiper motor was blown but ACTUALLY the arm thing just became detached from the motor. Good news! All I had to do was screw it back on.... erm..... take the wipers off the car, pry the stupid plastic cover off, unscrew the bolts holding the motor in place, and then screw it back on. Wee! I did that. IT WORKED. Damn. I was excited. I put the whole thing back together and the wipers weren't in the right spot. Well, they were pretty horribly not in the right spot.... so while I tried to fix that, I apparently caused the nut to work its way back off and I was back where I started after just a taste of victory.

You know how that goes. You put a ton of effort into something. You think you've solved the problem. You're ALMOST THERE. And then it all just crashed down. This is a cheery blog, can't you tell?

Well, I'm off to try to fix it again so I'm gonna wrap this up.

First place last night went to Shirley Temple of Doom and second went to JMR. Congrats!

See you all next week, and hopefully I won't be such a greasy monkey.

QM Colleen

Colleen is a Rochester native with a heart of gold. Icy, icy gold. You can find her at Wall Street every Tuesday night and occasionally on a stage somewhere else in Rochester. Doing theater. Not stripping. She would be the most awkward of strippers. Think Danny Devito on Friends and then quadruple the awkward. Got the mental image? Good. She also plays Ultimate Frisbee and if you are vewy,vewy quiet you can catch her galavanting around RIT campus.