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Kilkenny's Irish Pub (at North Peak Brewing Company)
400 W. Front Street
Traverse City, MI
[Sunday 7:00 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


Ol' Nerdy Bastards
Gum Cuzzelers
Luck of the Irish = No DWI
Pick One
The Usual Suspects
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Your ‘Us Weekly’ Subscription Finally Paid Off and Did You Some Good


Everyone likes a great ending, especially at the Geeks Who Drink pub quiz. This Sunday we had a photo finish right at the end, where we needed to decide our 2nd place team in the most democratic way possible: Rock Paper Scissors. Best-of-3, winner takes the prize! Two men entered….one man left….with a $15 gift card to Kilkenny’s Irish Public House! Rochambeau with actual stakes on the line proved to make for great entertainment on this given Sunday. Congrats to Gum Cuzzelers for claiming 2nd place with a 2-0 RPS victory over Luck of the Irish = No DWI (our two best team names of the night). Oh yeah, and congrats to the Ol’ Nerdy Bastards for claiming 1st place! Standings were close all night long, with the final rankings appearing to your left.

Sunday’s R1 was a reminder of just how grim our future really is, as we stared deep into the belly of the beast that is POTUS45’s cabinet. We mocked the likes of Bieber and Ellie Goulding in R2, and dedicated whole rounds to all things named Ray, the raw power of electricity, and the refined world of perfume, where we discovered Scarlett O’Hara’s less-than-foolproof plan for beating a breathalyzer test. Seriously kids, don’t try that at home.

After all, (next) Sunday is another day! If you weren’t here this past week, I’ll give you a mulligan after your St. Patty’s shenanigans (not to be confused with the Shenanigans Irish Red Ale on tap!). We’ll see you next Sunday down in the basement at 7 SHARP for the Geeks Who Drink pub quiz!

SuperDave (SOO-per-DAYV): noun. 1. Energetic Quizmaster for Geeks Who Drink who tends to break into spontaneous song and sarcastic tangents during quizzes. 2. Play-by-play voice for Traverse City Roller Derby. 3. Public address announcer at Traverse City Hounds hockey games. 4. Lover of tacos, Bowie, craft beer, Queens of the Stone Age, and Kids In The Hall.