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Nighthawk Brewery
2780 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


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Snow Don't Slow Me DOWN!!!

Stevie D


We had a nice intimate group last night at Nighthawk Brewery.  Snow was coming down at a steady pace which I think scared many to stay home and cuddle with their blankets, loved ones and soup.  dear lord.....I do love me some soup.  I would have to say soup, by far, is my favorite type of food.  I kid you not, I eat some kind of soup about 10 times a week.  I'm that guy who at every restaurant will always pay the extra $1.99 to get the added cup of soup with any meal. ALL kinds of soup.  Now, I do consider chili a type of soup and I will fight you on this too!  DON'T SCREW WITH THIS MAN AND HIS SOUP!!!!!!  Except for any kind of cold soup or split pea soup.  For the love of God people!!  Get your head out of the clouds.  There is MORE to soup than just Peas!?!?  Really.....and cold soup?  What the hell were they thinking????

However, for those not in the need of those lesser things (except the soup part, you still could have come and had soup while you played) they decided to try their hand at a little Bar Quizzing.  One team warmed up my cold heart...much like a nice bowl of soup on a brisk winter day.  Apparently, a team from Boulder came out to Nighthawk just to play in our quiz we run there.  Apparently, they heard of our shenanigans.  The did in fact win first however, they said that our quiz "was a breath of fresh air and they haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  It was a fun eye opening experience much like taking the first bite of a perfectly made bowl of chili which is a type of soup btw".  Yup, people from Boulder know where it's at.  Thank you for coming out Boulderites.  It was my pleasure

Now, while I really liked round 7 last night it DESTROYED my teams.  Much like a nice hot cup of chicken soup can destroy an oncoming cold.  The best score last night was 3 out of 8.  3!!!!  The round was "famous" people singing parts of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".  When I say singing...that is a vary loose interpretation of what they were doing.  Some of these people had the harmony of two cats fighting over a warm bowl of New England Clam Chowder.  Ozzy Osborn's muttered drugged out verse PROVES that he does nothing but lip sinc for the past 10 years.  Regardless, some of these were damn hard.  I can't blame my players for the miss que here. 

Last thing before I go.  The pics last night were a blast.  I had every table pose in an overly enthusiastic pose.  All that is except for our cover pic here.  I told them to pose as pissed off as possible.  The man in the pic just couldn't do it with out some sort of muse.  So I handed him a bottle of sriracha but alas.......he had no Asian soup to put it in.  Gold.....pure gold.

That's it folks.  Till next week......

This is Stevie D signing OFF!!!!


I consider myself one of the dumbest smart men you will ever meet. Average in every detail except for my dancing. I'm WAY below average dancer.