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The Canterbury Ale House
534 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA
[Wednesday 7:00 pm]
Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017


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People are just going to start making muslims in their bathtubs now
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Super Bowl Monday Should be A National Holiday

Cap'n Brendan

That’s right, you heard me, I said it. Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday. Super Bowl Sunday itself is one of the most universally-attended things in America, and just like New Year’s Eve it often involves some behaviors (and ingesting some things) which don’t exactly lend themselves to being up and fully functional the following morning. According to the elevator screens in my office, more than a quarter of people who responded to a recent survey reported they plan to show up late or take the day off already. For those who show up on time Monday morning, how productive will they really be able to be with so many absences – many “unplanned” due to a “sick” day?

Sure, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan aren’t American legends in the way that Martin Luther King, our former presidents, and our veterans are. But this isn’t a proposal about the men; it’s a proposal about the institution. Getting together with a bunch of your friends, drinking beer, eating unhealthy fried foods, and yelling at a TV screen is quintessentially American. It’s why we all do it. Isn’t that something worth celebrating?

And if nothing else, I guess you’ve always got the fact that we gave Christopher Fucking Columbus a national holiday, so it’s not like the bar is all that high. Know what bar is high? The one you smartasses set at quiz last night!

Quizz My Pants jumped out to an early lead with a rocking 44 points through three rounds, including a perfect jokered 16 on the music round. But they faded down the stretch, posting measly 3’s on both the visual round and R7 on Sesame Street guest stars, leaving a narrow gap for Trivia Newton Your Mom to squeeze through and claim the top spot and $50. Hard though it was for me to reward a team which only scored 29/48 points over the final 5 rounds, Quizz My Pants did hang in there to grab 2nd place and $20. Strong starts aren’t nothing! At the other end of things, People Are Just Going to Start Making Muslims in their Bathtubs Now had my favorite team name AND won $10 for next to last place. Way to go!

That’s it for this week. Have fun on Sunday try not to show up TOO late to work on Monday!

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