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Ingersoll Tap
2837 Ingersoll Avenue
Des Moines, IA
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Ru Pauls Best Friend Race
Polished Wood
Steve Irwin Stingrays
XXBest Food Friends
XXNobody Wants To Admit They Eat 9 Cans Of Ravioli
Blue Barracudas
Bon Voyage Branstad
She Done Already Done Had Herses
The Alternative Laundry
XXThey're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard
I Wish This Mic Was A Dic
Fat Kids Are Hard To Steal
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A sudden Thunderous Pounding IF you know what I mean


Hey Campers!

It’s business as usual Thursday nights, and it’s nice to be back in action at my stomping grounds! This was the last of 3 quizzes in about a 24 hour period so you could say I’m quizzed up and quizzed out. But NO, I’m never quizzed out! I ran a private quiz for Principal at Des Moines Social Club, very fun bunch of kids. Then I did a sub quiz at the Red Monk, I LOVE that bar. Finally finished my quiz blitz at my homestead, Ingersoll Tap!

It was a solid night last night! With 14 teams we had no shortage of quizzers. We had a couple teams of first timers, which I always love. Glad to see you come out, hope to see you again! Our groups were happy and rowdy (in a good way) and I was happy to see them take shelter from the freak rainstorm we had last night. Anyway…

On to the rundown!

Round one was our tried and true Recently In Stuff.

Round two, our first audio round, was a round on secrets (That the Russian government already know, obviously).

Round three was a 50/50 round, teams just had to answer Daisy Ridley OR Ridley Scott!

Round four, called Brown v. the Board of Games, was a round on board games and Browns.

Round five, our visual round, was called Beer Me, Iowa! In honor of our good friends at American Craft Beer Week we had a round wherein teams had to identify the craft beer bottle by the state it’s from.

Round six was called Guardians AND the galaxy, and it was a round on protectors and also the Milky Way.

Round seven, our final audio round, teams had to name the celebrity absolutely butchering Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Round eight, as always, was random knowledge!

It was a good round with plenty of healthy competish, but in the end…

In 2nd place, Polished Wood!

In 1st place, Ru Paul’s Best Friend Race!

Thanks everyone for coming out, see you next week!