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Bethany Public House
4840 Northwest Bethany Boulevard
Portland, OR
[Tuesday 7:00 pm]
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016


Mortal Wombats
Uncommon Denominators
I Demand a Recount!
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The night of wild guesses

Christie B

My favorite quiz nights are the ones where people just throw out all kinds of wild guesses. Sometimes they're kind of close, other times, they're way off base, but regardless, they're all hilarious.

Tuesday's quiz was the best night of wild guesses that I have had in a while!

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. One team guessed "Narry Potter" as the main character's name from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". They had to figure out the name, knowing that it started with N and ended with R, so Narry Potter was what they came up with.
  2. Instead of General Custer, one team guessed Colonel Custard, in a round that was loosely based on the popular board game Cluedo, or Clue. In the 2017 version of Clue, let's tell the board game company to add a new character named Colonel Custard, and the game piece can be a tapioca color.
  3. One team guessed that in between a horse's walking gait and cantering gait, there's an intermediate gait called, "trottle". 
  4. In a poop themed round, a team guessed that the Judy Blume character Farley Hatcher was nicknamed "Fartie", when the correct answer was actually Fudge.
  5. One team thought that a margarita was a flower. If they want, they can bring me a beautiful bouquet of margaritas at next week's quiz.

The other hilarious and weird thing that happened at last night's quiz was that 50% of the teams just forgot to come up with a team name. After round one, I had one team name that was just blank, one that was A, and one that was TBD. TBD never actually came up with a real name, but suggested several variations of what the acronym meant. Here are a few of the best:

  • Tater Bong Drank
  • Touch Bodily Disorders
  • Tasty Breakfast Disasters

Anywho, it was an incredibly comedic night - lots of laughter, lots of fun.

Taking home he first place prize was Boomshakalaka, and they held their lead by only 2 points over the second place team, Mortal Wombats

That's all folks! See you next Tuesday!

Hiya buddies! I'm Christie. I originally come from Cape Cod, MA where I grew up proudly as a Masshole. I relocated to Hillsboro, OR for a job in high tech. So far, Oregon is treating me well, except since everything's so green here, I'm allergic to all of it. Come see me at Bethany Public House on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.