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Grand Rapids Brewing Company
1 Ionia Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI
[Wednesday 8:00 pm]
Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The Latest Trump Russian Roulette Victim: James Comey
Ph Duh
Jelly Beans
Hot Ducks
Umbillical Courtney and Friends
Mr. and Mrs. M
I Came to Drink and Trivia Broke Out
Hops on Pop
The Heckin' Sneks
Cums Hard
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No One Told Me Soap Operas Could Be This Weird


Y’all it has been a WEEK. Both in current events and just in life in general. You ever have one of those weeks where it just seems like everyone is collectively on the struggle bus? Yeah, it’s been like that. Luckily, you can leave all of your troubles at the door at GRBC Wednesday nights when we all come out for quiz. And this week was no different. Another nice reprieve from the cursed shackles otherwise known as “Being an Adult.”

The questions tonight were just plain fun. Not that they aren’t always fun (they are!), but nothing brings a group of people together quicker than realizing that soap operas are messed up. Seriously - I remember passively watching General Hospital as a kid with my mom, but I do not recall vampires and aliens in the show. Also I am an uncultured swine who knows nothing about operas, apparently. I thought all operas were some variation of Phantom of the Opera. So much for that facade.

I do want to give a special shout to The Heckin’ Sneks, who during the video, made the mistake of writing down the deceased actors instead of the films they were starring in. They got all of the actors right and I couldn’t give them ANY POINTS. I’d also like to point out that the two sole team members of the Sneks started off as two solo players who found their way to each other to build a lifelong friendship. YAY FRIENDSHIP! (and alcohol. That helps.)

The winning teams tonight started off strong and refused to let up. Scores were close with most teams being within just a few points of each other. 3rd place went to Jelly Beans with 77 points, 2nd place with only a one-point margin went to Ph Duh, and our 1st place team, The Latest Trump Russian Roulette Victim: James Comey won by quite a wide spread with a whopping  92 points!

Thanks for a great night, can’t wait to see everyone next week!