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Revelry on Richmond
1613 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016


blumpkin spice lattes
We came late
tropicl fish emoji
my parents used protection but i was a rouge one
merry xmas you filthy animals
better late than pregnant
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The Wub Wub" of Christmas

Joey "Spider-Man" Hancock

Hello ladies and gentlemen, dudes and dames, guys and dolls. Tis your friendly neighborhood quizmaster. You may not hear from me often, but i promise I am always around. Lurking in the shadow's of bars, creeping around the different rounds. I made myself known this night however while getting to sub at Revelry! I was fortunate that the bar was only 5 minutes from my work. So I just stayed late and looked like a good employee as I awaited to host the quiz. It was a great time! I got to blast some sweet dubstep Christmas tunes. Nothing says Santas coming like the "wub wub" of a bass. All the teams were super great and fun and made me feel right at home, and you know what, I wouldnt mind calling Revelry my home. They had a good burger, good drinks and friendly staff. I even got to talk theatre shop with some of the bar staff! I made a remark about astroworld during the night as well, which really showed my true Houston age. I got to give out TX Whisky cozies and plenty of flirtatious winks! I sure do hope to get to sub there again, perhaps I could silently "disappear" Ramey. You know, send him on an "extended vacation". You know, have him "have something come up". You know, maybe he will be "all tied up". You know.
Till next time Chaps.

Hello! I am here to quiz your brains out. When not not hosting "The Geeks Who Drink" you can find my pursing my acting career, filming short films, smoking a cigar and playing racquetball (not at the same time).