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Revelry on Richmond
1613 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Dec 06, 2016


Getting Lit Like An Oakland Warehouse
Lanky Viking Sprout
Axe em Powers
Team New Hotness
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Annual 30th Birthday Party!


Last night was a night of bdays! Both on teams and my own!

I really enjoy celebrating at RoR, no matter what the occasion. It's a great place, and they are fantastic people!

I don't really do big bdays anymore. In fact the last few years I could be found at my favorite hole-in-the-wall dive bar drinking $2 Lone Star tall boys with just a handful of friends. They've been some of the best bdays I've ever had. Except for when I turned 12 when we lived in Denver and my family took me to celebrate at Casa Bonita, but y'all don't know nothin' bout that lol.

So next week when you come, I'll be older and wiser. Ha! Come be the judge for yourself, next Tuesday at 8.