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Revelry on Richmond
1613 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016


"Tip Your Bartenders
Here 4 Beer
South of the River
You shut the fuck up
I Dunno
Hit Right
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Another night, Another quiz


A wise man once said the best way to measure knowledge is on quiz night.

Not sure if that's actually true, but it sounds much cooler when you say that.

So tonight, we had another fun quiz night at Revelry.  We had our usual suspects, ChrCar (just to name one), and a few new people.  And who can pass up taco Tuesday night at Revelry?  I sure can't.  Tonight, we had a special Lonely Planet round that was all about geography and knowing things about those places.  Good for you guys who actually knew the answers, because I definitely failed maps in school.  There was also a tiff about Rhianna, but it was more a personal problem than an issue with quiz, so we just let that one fly by.

A big  shout out to Ramey for letting me fly solo tonight!  Revelry is his baby, and he was so generous as to let me take the reins and supervise.  Kudos to you!

Will I be coming back to conduct quiz at Revelry?  Only time will tell.  But I did have fun, so be sure to tell Ramey next week that you miss me!

Until next time, read up on that random stuff and study your maps!