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Wall Street
330 East Ave
Rochester, NY
[Tuesday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017


Andy Wishes he could use the Stanley Cup to cut his hair
Dick Butt Kiss
This is all Andy's Fault
That's What She Said
I Walked to Get My Steps
Waitlisted to A-listed
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Well, I Can't Break My Glasses

QM Colleen

There was some stuff on last night's quiz that I didn't realize. Allow yourself to feel smarter than your QM:

- Carat is a unit of weight. I think I always thought it was some sort of quality metric. Jewelery is not a thing I care a whole lot about. Unless it has cats on it. Because CATS.
- There was a Kevin James film called Zookeeper. Oh Kevin James. Just find something else to do.
- Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget totally DO look really similar. Side note, I'd like Stephen Colbert to re-record all of Bob Saget's How I Met Your Mother voiceovers. Then maybe I'd rewatch the show. Oh, and tape an alternate ending that, you know, doesn't suck.
- I have never heard that definition of a parabola before. Clearly that's a thing. Thanks for teaching me basic math, Steve.

Everything else I totally knew..... because I know (mostly) all. That's a job requirement, you know. Or at least pretending to is.

You know who DOES know all? Our writing staff. Can I get a round of applause for them? *clapclapclap*
(Did you just start clapping at your computer screen in the middle of the meeting that you were absolutely not paying attention to? I hope so. I'll cover for you, bro. Just blame it on me.)

I'm only gonna say this once because I'm tired of wasting energy on that dude: thanks for the defense, my geek army. You rock and I love you.

First place last night went to Andy's Stanley Cup Hair and second went to Dick Butt Kiss. Tim came so very close to placing basically on his lonesome, so shout out to the un-Wookieefied Wookiee.

Come back next week for more quiztastic fun, friends!

QM Colleen

Colleen is a Rochester native with a heart of gold. Icy, icy gold. You can find her at Wall Street every Tuesday night and occasionally on a stage somewhere else in Rochester. Doing theater. Not stripping. She would be the most awkward of strippers. Think Danny Devito on Friends and then quadruple the awkward. Got the mental image? Good. She also plays Ultimate Frisbee and if you are vewy,vewy quiet you can catch her galavanting around RIT campus.