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Georgetown Liquor Company
5501 Airport Way S
Seattle, WA
[Thursday 8:30 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Premature Evacuation
Oh'triva Wilde
Team Pup'N'Suds
Sweet Friends Sunshine Time
Star Team
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I make all my friends do this thing on their birthday that I like to call Hi-Lo-Hi. They hate it, but they humor me. Basically I just have them think about the previous year and tell me a high of that year, a low, and then another high. I bring this up because I realized today that it's been exactly a year since I became a Quiz Master and took up my post at the GLC. It's my Geeks Who Drink birthday! So I present to you my hi-lo-hi of the year:

High- All you brilliant regulars that keep coming back despite my lack-luster pronunciation abilities.

Low- Spilling a beer on not one, but two different computers... RIP you guys.

High- Feeling the like the smartest person in the room for two hours every week. It's real good for the ego to have all the answers. 

I should've brought a cake last night, but I guess there's always next year.. or my GWD half-birthday is in just six short months. Thanks to all of you that came out and a big congrats to Premature Evacuation on their win! Speaking of hi-lo-hi, that has definitely been your scoring trend of late. Maybe you can break the streak with another high next week?Oh'Trivia Wilde claimed the coveted second place spot that had a three-way tie earlier in the night. Real glad that got sorted out. Team Pup'N'Sud was back repping the nostalgic Disney movies and Three gets the prize for being the most creatively named team of the night. Star Team had us star struck and Sweet Friends Sunshine Time reminded us that it's not supposed to rain for a few days.  

Go get some sunshine!

XOXO- Juicy J

Sometimes I teach the fine youth of America about the joys of reading and overdue fines. Sometimes I drink at a bar with a mic in front of me and ask people trivial questions about the meaning of life. What a life.