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Hugh O'Neill's
45 Pleasant St.
Malden, MA
[Thursday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


All My Ailes Are Cured
I'm Sorry to Report That Roger Ailes Ever Lived
Meaty Calves
Bug Sex Enthusiasts
Bad Motor Finger
Black Lodge Bob
Comey's Memo
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Baruch, Tobit, and Sirach are NOT characters in The Hobbit

The Man They Call Spence

Wow. That certainly was a night.

Let me tell you a story.

About 2 years ago, I met with some friends for dinner at Hugh O'Neill's. We wanted to start up a non-profit to provide for the community needs of the local secular/humanist/atheist community. We had initially planned to meet on Friday, but at the last minute it got pushed up a day. Had we checked the bar's website and seen that there was a pub quiz scheduled, we probably would have pushed the meeting off to next week, but we didn't, and we ended up at the table right in front of the quizmaster. And that is how I met Thunderfunk.

In the months that followed, I came to quiz more and more frequently. I met our regular quizmaster's fiance. Over time (and, really, not that much time at all), they became two of my closest friends in the world. Hugh's is where they asked me to be a part of their wedding party. It's where she convinced me to apply to be a Geeks Who Drink Quizmaster, and it's where I was when I got the news that I had been hired into my dream job. 90% of my social circle is people I have met and become friends with through the quiz here.

What I'm saying is, Hugh O'Neill's has played a significant role in my life. The Geeks Who Drink quiz at Hugh O'Neill's has played an even more significant role. So subbing as Quizmaster tonight was, to put it mildly, a big deal for me.

It was a competitive quiz all night long, kicked off by a swath of 7s and 8s in Round 1. In the end, All My Ailes Are Cured eked out a win over I'm Sorry To Report That Roger Ailes Ever Lived. Meaty Calves and Bug Sex Enthusiasts gave a valiant effort, but fell short, brought low by their competitors' superior knowledge of craft beers.

Normally I'd call out the Best Wrong Answer, but the winner of that this week is far and away the person who, for every bonus question, simply sent me animated GIFs of butts. Apparently, dancing is about butts now. For regular questions, it's almost certainly the team where I'm 99% certain the person writing the answers misheard their teammates, and guessed that the struck-down North Carolina law limited MOTOR registration.

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It's been great, Hugh O'Neill's! Thunderfunk will be back next week.

Spence is a Quincy, MA native who went from occasional quizzer, to regular quizzer, to realizing he had a problem when he played 4 nights in one week. So he decided to lean into it and became a quizmaster.