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Hugh O'Neill's
45 Pleasant St.
Malden, MA
[Thursday 7:30 pm]
Thursday, Apr 20, 2017


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The Women want rights, the gays want...not to be called "The Gays"

Lady Thunderfunk

Be careful, kids, or you too might catch "the gay." It's a terrible disease that leads to being attracted to "lifestyles" outside the typical megachurch ideology of True Love Waits... until engagement and then getting pregnant and then breaking off that engagement and then swearing abstinence, making a quarter million dollars in a year and then getting pregnant again just after breaking off another engagement....I'm sorry, I was confusing abstinence with mother-of-two Bristol Palin. Her mom had dinner at the White House this past Wednesday.  I'm not trying to say Bristol isn't fit to be a mother; I'm just putting it out there that she's a massive hypocrite with no grasp of personal privacy or reproductive health or common sense. But Lord bless her and her babies. 

Tonight's quiz was a Quiz for a Cause, and here's the part where I start crying like a person who maybe needs her ducts checked. I was confident, CONFIDENT that we lived in a hearty but not necessarily arms-wide-open city outside the sanctuary city of Boston. I was hopeful that we'd raise maybe $150 for Planned Parenthood tonight - an organization that was there for me during my first cancer scare at 20 years old. I hadn't counted yet, but by the beginning of Round 1, we had surpassed that.  Going in to the first scoring break, we had raised enough to pay for HIV tests for seven people --- yeah, turns out testing for HIV is really effin' expensive because it's a tricky virus. The test itself costs about 48USD to run. Thank G-d Planned Parenthood is here so that we can get life saving testing done on a sliding-scale basis. 

Tonight's quiz was so big, so fantastic, that I can't appropriately blog it. All I can say is THANK YOU. You are champions among champions. And maybe we shouldn't get into personal details too much but I will put this out there: there are people in your life who love you. Really, really love you. Losing you could ruin everything they believe in, but every day there you are - alive. Alive. Not for nothing, but my facebook "on this day" for the past week has just been, "Alive."

I love you all. I'll be back next Thursday at 7:30pm, same bat time, same bat channel. Until then, my champions, have the best fucking week you can.

The Lady Thunderfunk is based out of Malden, MA. She may or may not be a swarm of bees masquerading as a Quizmaster.