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The REC Room
12430 Riverside Dr
Studio City, CA
[Thursday 9:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Millenial Falcons
Butter Emails
RIP Chris Cornell
Turd Ferguson
At the Bar
Quiz Venue Logo

Oh Those Young'ins!

Brian Brath

You have to love it when the team that wins is so busy having a good time with friends and what not that they don't even hear their team announced as the winner! I love teams that come for the fun of quiz and happen to take winning and nice bonus. That's what happened tonight when Millennial Falcons took home the win. Now I know millennials are supposed to have that me me me thing going on, but seriously, they had no idea at all until I came by with their prize. In fact, when I showed up they were deep in conversation with their server instead! Nothing wrong with regulars getting along with the people that keep them lubricated and fed, but give your QM a little love is all I'm saying.

This goes back to one of the main things that I always try to remind teams of when it comes to playing quiz: It's not about beating the quiz, but about being the best team that night. Every quiz will differ in its level of difficulty and sometimes you just don't know that you're doing better than other teams right away. And one round could be the difference between last and first if that round is in your wheel house and everyone is completely lost.  This time around, it was mostly about having some good consistent scores every round.

The winners from last week, Turd Ferguson, barely made a showing tonight. They might not have had the MeMeMe thing going like the Millennials supposedly do, but they were quite disappointed with their showing despite putting up their hair in a no nonsense bun. Long time fans in mourning, RIP Chris Cornell, might have just been a little too blue to bring their best tonight. Butter Emails were just plain loose with it tonight as the facts slipped away from them like secrets from the ... well you get the point.

Best Raw Performance: Millennial Falcons
Best Joker of the Night: RIP Chris Cornell
Best Job Drinking:

See you next week!

You know that guy? Yea, that guy. I'm that guy. I'm that strange guy that's also funny, a bit dark, definitely dirty, and mostly nice. Mostly. Hailing from Los Angeles, but hardly the only place I call home, variety is a staple of my being. Most that know me would say I'm good for a favor and a caring ear, but not to be taken lightly. The Caribbean islander in me says that time is a fluid concept and running late is just a prelude to staying late. Some people have called me "That guy with the voice," but I'm more than just a voice. I'm also a semi-pretty face.