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Anna's Pizza
1240 Lakes Dr
West Covina, CA
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, Apr 20, 2017


Something funny
Team Upside Down Fish
Jen'll tell ya
Ginga's Ninjas
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First Time for Everything


Well I guess there is a first time for everything. My old stand by quiz teams were ready and eager to jump right in to the new format and see what the future had to offer. The nights lately have been slower due to spring break, or Easter or maybe just something in the air. Beer and pizza abounded at tables full of merry quiz goers. Ginga's Ninjas were back almost at full strength, Team Upside Down Fish was missing some key members, but still present, Something Funny was out in force, and Jen'll Tell Ya was over half strength. 
Everyone oohed and ached over the shiny new answer sheets and pencils and the quiz began. The first audio round was a stumbling block for many of the teams, but the second one was much easier for them to tackle. The visual round was a cinch for many, and every team had fun guessing Cleveland or Mongolia. And I never once mispronounced it magnolia, I swear. In the end Something Funny took home 1st with a comfortable lead, while Team Upside Down Fish and Jen'll Tell Ya tied for second and third. The tie break went to the fish this time, but something tells me Jen will be back.