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The Growler Guys
472 W 7th Ave
Eugene, OR
[Wednesday 7:00 pm]
Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Nerds who binge
I'm a stupid moron and I like to kiss my own butt
Niko Rusty Can
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Leopards ain't got nothin' on me!


Week two of the Growler Guys GWD quiz!  We saw an increase in team numbers, to the delight of our bartenders and the chagrin of our regulars, who I’m sure see fewer teams as a boost for their chances to win first prize.  Let’s jump right in, starting with:


Round one was a “hooked on Phonics” round: every answer began with a “ch” sound.  “Ch,” as in “Charlie Hunnam,” former star of Sons of Anarchy, current star of, as Geeks Who Drink puts it, “A shitty King Arthur movie.”  I love it when I get my movie reviews from the quiz!  So succinct.  Poor Charlie Hunnam.  Do you know he turned down the lead in 50 Shades of Gray because he thought it would be an embarrassing flop?  Looks like he dodged a bullet just to catch another bullet down the line.  But hey, at least he got to keep his pants on!

Round two was musical mashups (where can I find the DJs behind these masterpieces?), which “paired” nicely with Round three: commonly confused pairings.  Quizzers had to differentiate between Bill Paxton vs. Bill Pullman (RIP, Pax), iconic kid lit titans Cleary and Bloom, and Jaguars and Leopards (and bears OH MY).  Round four taught us quizzers don’t know a whole heck of a lot about JFK, but round six taught us they do know a whole lot about beer!  Round six, it's worth mentioning, was Geeks Who Drink’s foray into “sponsored content,” that viral marketing trend where companies pay you big dollars to write about something subtly tying into their product (think: Buzzfeed).  I ain’t judging!  In fact, I’m hopping on board.  This whole blog post is sponsored content...it’s just so subtle you haven’t realized who’s paying me!  Yet…

Round 7 was perhaps my least favorite round of the evening, as it forced me and my quizzers to listen to Kim Kardashian talk about rashes and worms (and bears OH MY).  Fran Drescher also made an appearance (or sound-pearance?) in Round 7, though without her trademark vocal affectations (that’s affectation with an “a,” right quizzers?  Shout out to round 3) folks just thought she was Joan Rivers.

Alright, that’s your Round Roundup!  Onto…


For me, the funnest fact of this week was learning that leopards eat giraffes!  Or so the question led me to believe.  I searched the interwebs for full MINUTES and couldn’t find any evidence that that’s true.  What I did find was leopards chowing down on baby giraffes, but I mean...that’s bullshit.  I could eat a baby giraffe, and I’m way less equipped than a freakin’ leopard.  Though I’d probably need an off-road bicycle, since I can sprint maybe 10 miles per hour and giraffes can run…(consults  Google)...holy crap, 37 miles per hour?  Well nevermind.  I probably can’t eat a giraffe, not with my bare hands anyway.

This is straying pretty far from “fun fact” territory into “barely interesting rambling,” but this isn’t the first time I’ve speculated about battling giraffes.  A few years back, probably in the shower or on the toilet (because hey, that’s where we get our thinking done), I got into a train of thought about fighting a gorilla, hand to hand.  Pretty quickly I determined that would be a one sided fight, so I started wondering what animals I could beat in a fist fight.  Ultimately, I decided on giraffes, but only if the two of us were in the water (to equalize our height).  Having learned all I’ve learned about giraffes since then, I now think the giraffe would still best me, but hey, at least I know a leopard wouldn’t fare so well either!


Enough about my giraffe fantasies, you want to know who won!  That honor goes to the Growler Boys, the new team on the block.  It was their first quiz (which I guess isn’t saying much if the quiz is 2 weeks old) and they swept, by a hearty 10 points.  Runners up were Nerds Who Drink (formerly the Alley Cats), followed by the super maturely-named I’m a Stupid Moron Who Likes to Kiss His Own Butt. Can you tell my wife was team captain of that one?

Alright, that’s your GWD blog for this week!  Until next time...Drink Sprite!  See, you knew I’d circle back to that sponsored content thing.

...But really, drink Sprite.