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Bold Mariner Brewing
2409 Bowdens Ferry Rd
Norfolk, VA
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Mystery Nuts
Merchant's Reserve
Guns & Hoses
Oh Crud.
This game is rigged, believe me
Hillary & Robinhood
You're Prettier When I'm Drunk (and I still take this as a compliment!!)
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It starts at what time??? Great!! I'll be there!


BOLD. STINKIN. MARINER. - You guys are amazing. We had a great turnout for our kickoff night of Geeks Who Drink at Bold Mariner Brewing Company and you guys rocked. We had a good number of teams! Especially considering the big mixup regarding the start time of the quiz, but we’ve got it straightened out and we’ll be firing it up at 7 PM next Thursday!

Had some awesome teams come out and congratulations to our top three, Guns & Hoses, Merchant’s Reserve and The Mystery Nuts! Funny and clever (but oh so wrong) answers nod goes to This game is rigged, believe me… - keep it up, there may be a personal award from me involved. Maybe some awards for fanciest answer sheet art?

Hit me with your best shot.

Be excellent to each other...and party on, dudes!!


Self-professed nerd and mega random knowledge nut with a hairline made for radio and a voice like...melted gold...or maybe gravel? Recent VA transplant from the great nation of Texas (well, a Republic, really...but Virginia's got this whole Commonwealth thing, so let's just not get into it.)