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Plan B (Suffern)
114 Orange Ave
Suffern, NY
[Wednesday 8:00 pm]
Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017


Big Booty Bitches
Blazing Hot Good Bar
The Buttheads
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I Hate to Bring Up the Beaver Ass Juice...


Another lovely night of pub trivia down here in Suffern, NY!

After a delayed, rocky start we finally got to pin down some folks to play with us and they definitely wound up having a good time! Eight rounds of eight questions sure went fast, even after starting late!

Beginning the night with some great questions on obsolete technology and throwing in some Magic and Flutes and finally ending with a physics Star Wars pun, it was more than any little geek could ask for!! 

With our lovely, intelligent (mostly female) teams, we sure hit our stride with the final random knowledge round, as it seemed everyone knew what Guanine was! 

But, nevertheless, it was fun, it was brain-powering and, it was another great week!