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Walters Sports Bar
3632 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


I Think I Love My Wife
Mueller? Mueller? Anyone?
What's a Petworth @ Walters?
Not a Hot Dog
Sports Games: Good for What Ailes You
Poodle Be Cray!
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I Never Want to Hear "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Ever Again


Every week the competition is stiff at Walter’s, but tonight we had an absolute barnburner on our hands.

After several teams destroyed the first half of the night’s questions, nearly everyone fell apart when we hit Round 6: a round on guardians and the Milky Way galaxy. Then, to tack onto the mental drubbing, we all endured a physical beating by listening to eight celebrities mutilate “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

When the shellacking was over, three of our beloved regulars were tied for first place: Mueller? Muller? Anyone, I Think I Love My Wife and What’s a Petworth @ Walters?. Well, Round 8 did nobody any favors. None of the teams seemed to have paid enough attention during Sunday School, and by the end of the game Mueller and Love My Wife were still deadlocked for the top spot.

We tried to settle it with a Sudden Death round, but again, they were neck and neck. So in the end it came to a tiebreaker: Multiply the total number of “Buffy” episodes by the number of seasons of “True Blood.” Fortunately for Love My Wife, their closer arrived just in time to help answer the question, and a costly miscalculation by Mueller led to their eventual defeat.

Damn. What a fun night. Catch you all again next week!