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Dreadnought Brewing
16726 146th St SE #153
Monroe, WA
[Thursday 7:00 pm]
Thursday, Apr 20, 2017


Tax Evaders
Pink Ponies
Mercury Astronaut
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It's Always A Pleasure to Sub


Thank you all for the hospitality this evening.  It's always nice to go into a new bar and feel just at home- which is what you all were to me tonight.  Jill was the nicest bartender I could have asked for.  And Steve the Brewmaster was amazing.  He helped me set up my audio, had so many microphone options (my microphone at my usual trivia spot only works if I hold it a certain way), played the game, AND let me try the new summer brew that they'll have out soon.  It's a raspberry wheat and I HIGHLY recommend that you try it when it's out.  It was tart and light and not at all hoppy.  Everything I love.

And the teams- you all were hilarious.  I love interacting with the crowd, and I love that you let me talk dirty to you through the microphone on the round about Sex and Eds.  It was a pleasure Dreadnought Brewing, and I hope I'll be back the next time you need a sub.  And in the interim, if you're ever like "Man, I miss Quizmistress Rachel," you can find me at Three Lions Pub in Downtown Redmond on Tuesdays at 8 PM.