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New Helvetia Brewing Company
1730 Broadway
Sacramento, CA
[Sunday 6:00 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


Don't Worry, I'm A Limo Driver
Inflatable Brains
The Bar Flies
Floppy Moose
Sacramento DSA
Ren & Stimpy
Team Day Man
Terrible T
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Good job Oregon Sportsball Team… and other various teams as well!

Miss LaLa

I hear it’s March Madness which, surprisingly enough, has nothing to do with marching, madness or St. Patrick’s Day. All the sportsball teams in all the land are convening on all the other various cities across the land to play their sport. I guess it’s a big deal. I don’t really have any investment in it. The Sacramento City College sportsball team is in no danger of making national news, no offense but let’s be real. I did learn a brand new skill yesterday at New Helvetia last night though. I learned how to look at the sportsball while going through my questions so as not to try and speak over a half a dozen Oregon fans dressed in green and cheering for the sports things. It took a second but I got the hang of it. I’m sure that will come in handy again.

It’s also always pretty fun to try and judge how well I would personally do on the quiz. I’ll tell you right now, not well. For one thing, I suck at music rounds. I mean I blow. Last night’s quiz though, I might have gotten 4 points. If I’m being generous. Could have only been 3. The round about bible quotes I probably would have done ok with. As well as the round about perfume. In fact, most of the rounds would have gone well but that music round would have REALLY sunk me. It’s important to have a audiophile on your teams. Even if they only pop in for round 2. They are an invaluable member of a kickass team.

So there’s your homework for next week. Also to make big glittery signs telling your quizmaster next week how much you miss me. Haha. See, I add the “haha” to tell you I’m joking but really… I’m super serious. Haha. See? I did it again. Haha!

You can call me LaLa, Miss LaLa that is. I'm a stage manager, a movie buff, a coupon clipping goddess... a quiz master! If only the hair could talk, the yarns it would spin. (Maybe it could write a better bio.) You'll find me at Alley Katz in Citrus Heights Tuesdays at 8:00. I enjoy short walks, good beer, selected television shows and terrible jokes. Words of wisdom: Anything is a toy, if you play with it. Follow the adventures of GWD at Alley Katz Citrus Heights on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/GeeksWhoDrinkCitrusHeights