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Slice House (2nd Street)
680 2nd St
San Francisco, CA
[Sunday 5:00 pm]
Sunday, Mar 19, 2017


Jon Sux
Unicorn Butts
Ball Is Life
The Scots
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Fake it til you make it


The theme of tonight's quiz is fake it til you make it. And by that I mean if nobody except your boyfriend shows up to quiz, just wait until random people walk in and make them play! 

Following a slow week last week, things picked back up! I started with bae intent on playing (watching basketball...same thing), another group who was there specifically for the quiz, and a just-happened-to-be-there father-daughter duo who absolutely crushed it. After a few rounds two other groups joined in, and we had two tables of on-lookers who apparently both came in the beginning but decided just to watch...for the whole time. But they said they'd come back so yay!! 
Unlike my bracket, the night was not a complete and utter bust. Everyone got really into it, and seemed to really be enjoying themselves. While attempting to describe what a water creature thing would be if it wasn't a fish (a sea mammal? an amphibian? But its totally not that because that's like a frog. If a manta ray wasn't a fish then I literally have no idea what I would call it) we all decided that this quiz was the real-life incarnation of "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" except third grader. Daughter of the Dad-Daughter duo (who named her team Unicorn Butts, they got 2nd place) was in 3rd grade, and knew a surprising amount. She also brought up the question of "Why is the First Lady not considered a member of the cabinet? If you think about it she has a lot of responsibilities including but not limited to hosting foreign dignitaries and in Michelle Obama's case heading many a domestic program campaign. I mean the girl is right and she is the future and holy shit does that make you re-think everything. (Also I agree. You go, Elise).
Also why do we keep having teams who base their names off of the fact that one of their friends didn't show up? The winner had a different iteration of "our friend Jon isn't here so he sucks" every time. Anyway. Interest in Slice House seems to be gaining, so let's keep it up!
Signing off,