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The Asgard
350 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
[Thursday 9:00 pm]
Thursday, May 18, 2017


Trumplethinskin Witch Hunt
Trivial Solutions
HSTeam & Friends (DQ)
Nihilist Arby's
Quad Squad +1
It's Mueller Time
90's Babies
All for the Nookie
Go See Dewpoint at the Middle East
Here 4 the Beer
El Camino
Kissed by Fire
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Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

Quizleesi, Breaker of Ties

Hello Quizzers!
We were back to full team capacity this week, as fourteen teams came out to the lovely Asgard to cool off and keep their brains sharp with quiz questions. 
Our quiz itself this week presented some challenging rounds, but none more challenging than our R7 audio where we asked you to identify the celebrities brutally botching our baseball ballad. As evidenced by the scores, it’s a lot harder to identify a singing star. That’s alright - it’s nothing I’d ever hold against you. As a hardcore sci-fi fan, however, I will hold it against you for not knowing the differences between Daisy (not DAVID) Ridley, and Ridley Scott. Just kidding, I love you all the same. 
Our newcomers or first timers included the likes of C&L (who didn’t expect to play, but were in it for the long haul), Go See Dewpoint at the Middle East (I wonder where they went), 90’s Babies (holding down the fort in the nosebleeds), All for the Nookie (full disclosure: I have no idea where you were sitting, but I played that song just for you... did you notice??), It’s Mueller Time (I’ll be submitting your name to the GWD Team Name of the Week!), Here 4 the Beer (who did a great job on our R5 visual round…. AS ADVERTISED, guys), and Quad Squad +1 (who get the unofficial superlative of Most Enthusiastic, Class of 2017!!)
Regular friendly faces Nihilist Arby’s, HSTeam & Friends, Trivial Solutions ended up getting totally smoked by semi-newcomers Trumplethinskin Witch Hunt! Honestly it was a SUPER close race throughout the game, with TRIPLE ties at more than one scoring update… But in the end, team-of-two Trumplethinskin knew their beers, their Ridleys, and yes, their racehorses. 
Great job all around, everyone! Stay cool like the other side of the pillow and I’ll see you  next week!
Have a great weekend, 

...First of her Place, Mother of Bonus Rounds, Protector of the AV Equipment, Queen of the Handles and the Red Pens HEY! I’m Adrianne, a native Bostonian. I’m brand-new to hosting Quiz and super excited about it! I am a services consultant for a Cambridge-based marketing software company by day, and I love my job. I enjoy a lot of things that are nerdy and hyphenated: pop-culture, beer-fests, sci-fi, stand-up comedy, space-rock, drinking-and-knowing-things, wubba-lubba-dub-dub, et-cetera. My karaoke go-to jam is Heartbreaker by Pat Benetar. I’ll be running Quiz at Asgard in Cambridge on Thursdays at 9:00pm starting September 29th. Come out and play! P.S. I told you never trust a monkey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOs5AeGeu4Y