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Pizza Rock (Sacramento)
1020 K Street
Sacramento, CA
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016


I Blue Myself
Mozzarella Dicks
Quiz Venue Logo

Welcome to Pizza Rock!


And so it begins…a new venue for Geeks Who Drink in Sacramento and a new quizmaster. I’m happy you can join me on this journey through geekdom via quizzes. Huge thanks to Kelley for being my chaperone tonight, just in case, things flew south (which they didn’t). Let’s hope that trend continues as I’m on my own next week!

Tonight’s quiz featured a round called “Eight Degrees of Kerry Weaver.” It was sort of a take on the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Can someone please sign up to be a writer and propose eight degrees of Steve Buscemi? Or maybe Stanley Tucci? Those guys are in EVERYTHING!

We also had a speed round looking for “J” words. Things were jumping and jazzy in the jiffy it took to answer, but it was a jumble and no one hit the juicy jackpot with all eight answers.

It was a tough battle with ties back and forth, but ultimately, I Blue Myself took the lead and the win in the inaugural Pizza Rock quiz night (and they even drew a couple pictures here and there too). I had a great time and can’t wait to do it all again next week. 

Until next time my lovely geeks.

A thirty-something geek who's spent a career in science, but really would prefer making a career out of pop culture. Maybe Chris Hardwick will hire her something? DC has her heart, but Marvel is still a really good friend. House Stark always. With a little bit of Rocky Horror thrown in for good measure.